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D.C. Taxicab Commission Explores Digital Meters

The commission has put out a notice for software contractors.

D.C. Cabs Could Get Surge Pricing

One of the key differences between D.C. taxicabs and their app-based competitors, like Uber, is that the government strictly regulates uniform prices for all cabs, while non-taxis are allowed to have their prices respond to market demands, with prices fluctuating at any given moment.
But now, under a new proposal first reported on by WAMU, the D.C. [...]

The District Wants Cabs to Hurry Up and Adopt New Color Scheme

The D.C. Taxicab Commission wants the District's 6,500 cabs to adopt the new red and grey uniform color scheme sooner than required, announcing today the launch of an incentive program to encourage drivers to get their vehicles repainted.
The program offers drivers a $200 voucher to get their cab painted, a process that typically runs drivers [...]

D.C. Cab Drivers Partnering With Teamsters

District cab drivers feel like they didn't have a say in the latest change to the city's cab regulations, and now they're teaming up with the local Teamsters union to form a new association that says it would give the District's 6,000 cab drivers a collective voice.
The new D.C. Taxi Operators Association will have their first [...]

Two Thousand Cabs Could Be Without Credit Card Readers on Oct. 1 Deadline

Come Oct. 1, as many as 2,000 of D.C.'s taxi cab fleet may still be without an electronic payment reader. That would mean nearly a third of the city's cabs had missed both the original Sept. 1 deadline to have a reader installed and the extended Oct. 1 deadline.
Back in August, the TaxiCab Commission said [...]

Report: D.C. Cabs Will Be Red With Gray Stripe

Washington's long-running debate over what uniform color scheme D.C. cabs should adopt will finally be over Wednesday when the D.C. Taxicab Commission announces the design. But NBC 4's Tom Sherwood is already reporting that the cabs will be mostly red with a gray stripe.
In February, the "One Color Panel" set up by the commission decided [...]

Taxi Regulators “Surprised” At Sidecar Ridesharing Service’s Launch

Ridesharing service Sidecar, which allows people to turn their cars into taxis, launches today in the District. As expected, the D.C. Taxi Cab Commission is perplexed.
Sidecar, which has already been operating in eight other U.S. cities, matches passengers with cars via a phone app. Unlike other app-dispatch services like Uber, though, Sidecar's drivers are ordinary [...]

The Needle: Elephant Walk

Room to Roam: The National Zoo's elephant habitat redesign is finally done, and it looks great. But was it worth getting rid of the zoo's hippos? That's a question each of us has to deal with individually. +3
Flagged Down: The new dome lights mandated for D.C. cabs should make hailing a ride easier, and look [...]

New D.C. Cab-Like Service Could Be Free

If you thought Uber made D.C. regulators' heads spin, just wait for SideCar, a ride-sharing service set to launch in the District sometime in the spring. Unlike Uber or traditional taxi services, anyone can sign up to be a driver for SideCar, and passengers don't even have to pay anything.
SideCar, which is already operating in [...]

Red Cab Idea Not Popular With Yellow Cab

While the all-red color scheme recommended for D.C. cabs today may be a relief to anyone worried about a more complicated design, a taxi company that's built its name on another color scheme isn't as thrilled. Yellow Cab Company, the District cab dispatch concern whose cabs are actually black and orange, plans to fight the move [...]

D.C. Cabs Could Soon Be All Red

D.C. cabs could soon be, finally, getting a uniform color. This morning, the "One Color Panel," set up to consider the cab color, recommended that the color scheme should be red.
That should be a relief to opponents of the original proposed multi-color schemes, which were unpopular because they were very ugly. Also likely to be [...]

Cab Driver Loses His License for Punching a Passenger

The next time you accuse your cab driver of cheating you, there's now a slightly smaller chance you'll get a beatdown. As of yesterday, passenger-punching cabbie Kefyalew Teshome is out of the D.C. cab game entirely.
Late at night on March 3, 2012, Teshome was driving a passenger downtown when the passenger accused Teshome of inappropriately [...]

Uber Launches Cab Service for D.C.

Now that its legal status in the District has been settled, sedan service Uber is after a new market: taxi dispatch. In a release today, the service announced the addition of taxis to its popular app-based service.
So far, Uber-dispatched cabs will only be available for trips starting in the District. Cab trips would be cheaper [...]

Taxi Commission Chair Not Surprised by Color Uproar

Judging by their tweets, many Washingtonians don't like the proposed D.C. cab color scheme. They're not alone. The D.C. Taxi Cab Commission announced five more design proposals this morning, and some members of the D.C. Council now want to override the selection process, the Post reports. Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans sounds the most disappointed of [...]

#VoteDCTaxi: None of the Above

Mayor Vince Gray unveiled four of the nine proposed taxi color schemes yesterday, and the reaction has been tepid at best. Councilmember Mary Cheh, whose bill mandating a uniform taxi color scheme is the whole reason we're having this debate, sounded like a scientist discovering her misshapen experiments, telling the Post that she thought that [...]