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Congressional Cemetery: You Don’t Need to Be Famous to Be Buried Here, Just Dead

There is, it turns out, such a thing as burial humor, and the Congressional Cemetery is all about it.
While the historic cemetery in Hill East boasts such impressive tenants as Tobias Lear, the personal secretary to George Washington, and William Thornton, the architect of the U.S. Capitol—not to mention 16 senators, 68 representatives, and two vice presidents—these [...]

Wedding Ring Falls Victim to Massive Dupont Snowball Fight

Hundreds of people left their homes last night to participate in a massive snowball fight in Dupont Circle, but a fun time wasn't had by everyone: Amid the wintry hostilities, one man lost his wedding ring.
The man, who wished to remain anonymous in order to not "advertise my idiocy to my workplace," says he purposely [...]