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Happy Millennial Week! Here’s What to Do, We Guess

Unavoidable, possibly already tired Millennial Week has finally arrived. Whether you're attending the events to learn more about this mysterious generation or you're an actual millennial (!) hoping to optimize your millennialness, there could be an event for you.
Here's the lineup of events in all their glory, courtesy of Millennial Week founder Natalie Moss. These events [...]

The Needle: Identity Crisis

The Case for Statehood: A TSA agent questioned a woman's D.C. license because it was not a "state-issued" ID.  -5
D.C. Intellects: A new map tracks where the most people in the District are posting to Instagram from. At one point in the last 24 hours, more people were posting from Nellie's Sports Bar than any D.C. [...]