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Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle Near Franklin Square

The victim has been transported to an area hospital "with serious but non-life threatening injuries."

D.C. Police Union Joins Tarantino Boycott

"When I see murders, I do not stand by... I have to call a murder a murder and I have to call the murderers the murderers," Tarantino reportedly said.

Advocates for Domestic Violence Survivors and the Press Criticize Body Cam Bill

Some say it goes too far to protect a person's privacy; others say it doesn't go far enough.

#JusticeForJason Rally Draws Dozens After Police Detain Black Teens on Capitol Hill

“He was one of the sweetest boys that I’ve had the honor of teaching. He wouldn’t hurt anybody."

New Addition To Shaw’s Kennedy Recreation Center: Security Cameras

The cameras were installed in response to recent violence in the area.

Chokeholds Come Under Fire in Police Complaints Board Report

MPD’s current use-of-force policy doesn’t comply with District law, according to a report.

Report: Despite Rough Summer, D.C. Seeing Historically Low Levels of Violent Crime

A new analysis released today by the Urban Institute shows that in the past 20 years, violent crime in the District has significantly decreased.

At Starburst Plaza, a Community Tries to Combat Synthetic Drug Use

Starburst Plaza, a public space at the intersection of four major streets in Northeast D.C., has become a hub for synthetic drugs.

Photos: Occupy Alfalfa Club

Slideshow NSFW. Around 16th and K St. NW.  Jan. 28th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Freedom! Runaway Horse Dashed Through Capitol Hill

The 4th of July is a day to celebrate independence, America and, above all else, freedom. This year, apparently horses got into the act, too.
A runaway steed galloped through Capitol Hill on Sunday, riding as if Paul Revere was aboard warning that the British were coming. The horse ran through the intersection at 16th [...]

D.C.’s Troubled Go-Go Scene Continues to Attract the Cops

A fierce Friday night in the District produced two shootings and six victims, two of which have died. The Washington Post reports:
"One victim was a 16-year-old District youth and the other was a 36-year-old Clinton man. The shootings occurred within an hour and 10 minutes, one in the 5900 block of Georgia Avenue in the [...]

The Blotter: They Don’t Call It A ‘Hack’ License for Nothing

You Just Lost Your Tip, Buddy: A cab driver reportedly pulled a knife on a rider after refusing to give change for a $20. On June 12,  at about 1:15 a.m, a man tried to pay for his cab ride to a spot on the 1900 block of 17th Street NW with a $20 bill. The cabbie refused to make change. [...]

Fenty, Transparency, Scrutiny: The Political Fallout of FOIA Reform

Roy Morris describes his struggles in getting D.C. government agencies to comply with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests as "Kafkaesque."
"They use these exceptions to deny anything," Morris told D.C. Councilmembers at a hearing this week on open government and transparency at the Wilson Building . “I don’t want to pick on the attorney general," Morris added. To which, [...]

Screaming in Sursum Corda No Cause for Warrantless Searches, Court Rules

The D.C. Court of Appeals on Thursday overturned the juvenile adjudication of a teenager arrested for disorderly conduct and drug possession in 2005 after a police officer took his money and he began yelling for help.
Officer Robert Elliott was patrolling the Sursum Corda neighborhood, described in court papers as "a densely populated residential area known to [...]

Phil Mendelson Gets An Earful at Ward 8 Public Safety Forum

The crowd outside Covenant Baptist Church in Congress Heights last night seemed none too friendly toward Councilmember Phil Mendelson, organizer of the evening's community meeting on public safety.
Clark Ray, who is challenging Mendelson for his at-large council seat, and his campaign team greeted all of the meeting's attendees with a targeted flier: "Another election year meeting in Ward [...]