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Paul Wiedefeld Began as Metro’s New GM Today. What’s on His Plate?

Wiedefeld is conducting transition meetings with former Interim GM Jack Requa, meeting with rail employees, and touring the control center.

Feds Take Over Safety Monitoring For Metro

“This is the strictest level of federal safety oversight ever placed on a rail transit agency."

Uber to Launch Carpooling Service in D.C. Next Week

Mark your calendars for Oct. 22, District commuters.

Feds Nix NTSB Recommendations for Metro

USDOT Secretary Anthony Foxx has his own ideas about how to fix D.C.'s beleaguered public transit system.

Metro: Morning Power Station Fire Will Affect Evening Commute (UPDATE)

The cause of the fire is still being investigated.

Attempted Toddler Kidnapping on Metro Foiled by Passengers

“I don’t have kids, but I think anyone would be pretty concerned about this."

Metro To Reimburse Today’s Riders for Week’s Problems

Metro has announced that it will reimburse riders of the Blue, Orange, and Silver lines for the transit fares they were charged between 5 a.m. and 7 p.m. today.

Orange, Blue, and Silver Lines Are Single Tracking—Again (UPDATE)

Metro reports another track problem has sprung up at Smithsonian.

D.C. Guardian Angels Rise Again

The D.C. chapter of the volunteer anti-crime group have started patrolling Metro stations and the Metropolitan Branch Trail.

Metro Creates New Fire/Rescue Liaison Position to Improve Safety

Metro has hired a "fire/rescue liaison" to improve emergency responses.

The Needle: The Race to Cohabitation

Romance, D.C. Style: This guy wants to find a wife ASAP. Why? He needs someone to split his $1,800 rent for a studio. The rent is too damn high! (h/t PoPville) -4
Chicken Scratch: Some friendly D.C. neighbors broke Metro rules and ate some tasty chicken wings on the train and left a morbid collection of bones as evidence. -3

The Needle: Alt In The Family

Voiced Out: The editor of the Baltimore City Paper, which was just purchased by none other than the Baltimore Sun, wrote a blog post today explaining how its soon-to-be-former owner, Times-Shamrock Communications, has censored the alt-weekly in the wake of the purchase. Fuck. -5
Who Dunnit?: A Loudoun County Jack Russell Terrier was mysteriously (and pretty viciously) attacked [...]

Man Allegedly Steals $10,000 Worth of Copper From Metro Facilities

The trickle-down effect of the global copper shortage has hit the Metro system.
The Metro Transit Police announced Thursday evening that, after a months-long investigation, it arrested a man for stealing copper wire from Metro facilities in Maryland.
James J. Mulcahey III allegedly took copper from Metro facilities including Greenbelt Rail Yard, between June and November. He [...]