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District Line Daily: Open Late for Business

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The D.C. government will open on a two-hour delay today. D.C. Public Schools will [...]

Music to Shut Down the Government To

If the federal government shuts down next week, either the libraries will be closed and your trash won't get picked up for a week, or all local offices will be open and your elected leaders could be facing criminal charges for spending money without an appropriation from Congress.
Either way, you'll need a soundtrack. Listen to [...]

The Sky Is Falling!

A tipster who prefers to remain anonymous sends in these photos of foam blocks that fell from the Reeves Center this morning, and the ensuing chaos on 14th Street NW:

Too Hot for D.C. Government!

The Office of the Chief Technology Officer wants you to watch your mouth.
Send an offensive word in an email to a city government employee, to be received at a "" email address, and you'll be censored. The message will bounce back with a note that says, "Your recent message for [email address] titled [email subject] contains [...]