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IG Report: Returning Citizens Office Lacks ‘Fundamental’ Ability to Help Ex-Offenders

A 52-page report raises serious questions about whether the Mayor’s Office of Returning Citizen Affairs is up to the task of helping ex-offenders.

Correction Required: The D.C. Jail is Falling Apart. What Should Replace It?

A scathing report calls for the closure of the District’s two major correctional facilities. What's next?

Fifth Amendment Doesn’t Apply to Feces Flinging Inmate

The D.C. Court of Appeals on Thursday ruled that inmates disciplined by the Department of Corrections aren't protected from further criminal prosecution for the same offenses under the federal double jeopardy clause.
The court's decision stems from the rebellious behavior of one Travis Haney.
According to court papers:
While being held at the District of Columbia Jail pending trial in another [...]

‘What The Fuck You Want Po Po?’

Last week, Tira Williams was wrongly released from the D.C. Jail.  The Department of Corrections has yet to come up with a legit excuse for her release. But maybe there's one excuse that everyone can get behind.
The DOC should just come out and say this: Ms. Williams was just really annoying and therefore we felt [...]