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D.C. Cab Commission on Discrimination Allegations: “We’re Confident in Our Performance”

D.C. Councilmember Tommy Wells called on the D.C. Office of Human Rights this week to investigate racism allegations surrounding the D.C. Taxicab Commission and taxi drivers, who have been accused of not picking up prospective customers because of their race or disability.
Wells, who is running for mayor and previously oversaw the Transportation Committee on the [...]

Hundreds of Cab Drivers Show Up for Inaugural Meeting With Teamsters

D.C. cab drivers are pissed about the high costs of city-mandated modernization, so on Tuesday, about 800 of them packed into a union building on Ames Street NE for the first meeting of a new partnership between drivers and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. From the sounds of it, they already had the labor union thing [...]

The Needle: That’s Not What He Said

Family Feud: ESPN's Rick Reilly has said that his father-in-law, a Blackfeet elder, isn't offended by Washington's football team's racist name and therefore he is in support of keeping the name. But his father-in-law came out today and said that Reilly misquoted him and he finds the name offensive. -5
Happy Days: A government shutdown might [...]