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Struck in D.C.: No. 121 (Map)

“You can't bike in the Washington, D.C. area and not eventually get hit by a car, it's just going to happen."

As Cyclists Rally Against Illegal U-Turns, Drivers Make Their Point

DDOT says it's "studying" installing barriers on the 1300 and 1400 blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

Struck in D.C.: An Interview With No. 249 (Map)

Bannon Puckett, who has been biking in D.C. for two years, was struck at Oklahoma Avenue and Benning Road NE.

Gear Prudence: I’m Worried About Potholes. What Can I Do?

As with most unpleasant things, the best strategy is avoidance.

Map: Where Pedestrians and Cyclists Have Been Struck in D.C. This Year

Avid cyclist Jeff Wetzel will undergo physical therapy after being struck by a driver while riding in a bike lane.

MPD Dismisses One Ticket For Cyclist Hit In Crash

Shane Farthing of cyclist advocacy group Washington Area Bicyclists Association has a few words of praise for how MPD handled last week's crash where a turning truck hit a cyclist who was running a red light. Initially the Capital Bikeshare user was cited for a) not wearing a helmet b) running a red light and [...]

Man Sentenced for Adams Morgan Cyclist Bashing

Bicycle use, quite famously, has exploded in the District over the past decade. And it's equally well known that the force of that blast has caused some political divisions.
But not all of the bike brawling has been of the electoral variety: In May, after a Camaro accidentally rammed a bike in the 1800 block [...]

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