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Gear Prudence: What Are The Perils Of Winter Riding?

Beware the darkness, snow, and tauntaun guts.

Council Takes Up Bike-Damages Bill—Again

This is the fourth such bill to be introduced, but this time it may have more support.

Capital Bikeshare Riders: Younger, Whiter, More Male than D.C. Average

Capital Bikeshare is out with a new survey of its users, and things are pretty rosy in the world of the bike-sharing service. Users are opting more for Bikeshare trips over other forms of transportation, and their most serious concern seems to be getting more stops.
Bikeshare members think that a Bikeshare membership means a big [...]

Cyclist Wants $70,000 for Capitol Hill Dooring

Dooring—the unexpected opening of a car door in the path of a bike—can be the bane of urban cyclists. Now one biker who says he was injured when a taxi door opened in front of him is suing the driver, the cab company—and the federal government.
Eastern Market resident Micah Dammeyer was headed north on 1st [...]

What the Examiner Should Have Written About Capital Bikeshare

Things Examiner reporter Liz Essley could’ve written about in today’s Examiner, based on the statistic that there are more driver-biker crashes given the rising number of cyclists in D.C.:

Why more cyclists on the road mean more crashes, but also mean roads are safer
Whether better education is needed for drivers and cyclists
If there's a critical [...]

What Kind Of Cycling Is D.C. Good For?

Bicycling magazine has ranked D.C. number four on its list of best cities for cyclists, a nine-place leap for the city, which ranked at 13 last year:
There is no clearer evidence of the urban-cycling revolution sweeping the United States than in the nation’s capital, where ridership jumped 80 percent from 2007 to 2010. The District [...]

Bike Lanes Good For Everyone?

We could file this under "duh," but it's worth pointing out anyway: Bike lanes make life easier for cyclists and drivers.
A new study out of Johns Hopkins University found that in Baltimore, 17 percent of drivers didn't give cyclists the requisite three feet of space when passing them—unless the cyclist was in a bike lane.
Good [...]

Bike Lanes Everywhere!

TBD's John Hendel rounds up D.C.'s bike projects set for spring, including bike tracks to make commuting easier for new cyclists. And more, more, more bike lanes:
DDOT has stepped up its game this spring to help complete the biking plans set forth a few years back. How? After spending much of 2011 idle, D.C. jumped [...]

Cyclist vs. Driver on a “Racially Charged” Commute

Prince of Petworth posts a letter from a cyclist who had an angry encounter with a driver during the morning's commute as he waited in the middle of a lane for a light to turn green:
The driver behind me, in a light-gold newish Cadillac, laid on his horn and waved his hands at me from [...]

The Needle: Reinforcing The Fact Edition

Experts Weigh In: The House is setting up a fight with the White House over school vouchers for low-income D.C. students, which the Obama administration is opposing on the theory that Congress really shouldn't be deciding who goes to which schools in the District. And like all issues, the future of D.C. education policy can [...]

Motorist Mom Mows Down Cyclist Son

Details are slowly emerging about a bizarre bicycling collision earlier this week.
On Monday, D.C. Fire and EMS announced via Twitter: "reported cyclist struck – Minn Av & Baline[sic] St NE 2:38 PM Apr 26th."
Contacted by City Desk that day, spokesperson Pete Piringer thought the tweet was mistaken. A cyclist hadn't been hit by a car, Piringer had heard, [...]

Photos: Ghost Bike for Constance Holden

NBC4 SUV Struck Cyclist at Sherman Avenue and Euclid Street NW

The police aren't releasing the name of the cyclist who was struck at Sherman Avenue and Euclid Street NW this morning. A spokesperson for NBC4 says that a photographer in one of the station's SUVs was heading down Sherman–he declined to give a name–when a cyclist ran a red light and collided with the car. [...]

Should Cyclists Worry About Killing Worms When It Rains?

My morning ride through Rock Creek Park is one of the best parts of my day, and it's even better in the rain, when joggers and other distractions are few and I can ride in a head-clearing Zen state.
But the bike path is covered with squishable threats to this Zen state. Namely, worms, who [...]

What Will Happen to Adrian Fenty’s $12,000 Gift Bike?

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty has his passions, and sometimes your passions pay off.
Avid competitive cyclist Fenty is reportedly on the brink of pulling off a veritable coup by luring the Giro d'Italia, one of the three premier European grand tours, to D.C. for its initial stages in 2012.
For his efforts, Hizzoner was feted at an [...]