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District Line Daily: Relisha Rudd Tragedy Wasn’t Our Fault, Says City

Plus: Why the Washington football team is just the worst

Photo: Self Checkout

14th and Irving Streets, NW, March 11

Neighborhood News Roundup: Do Not Be Fooled Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
The Adams Morgan Bogeyman: It didn't look like an easy road for the redevelopment of the old post office building at 14th and T streets NW to be turned into a restaurant—with a proposed outdoor patio, no less. But [...]

Morning Roundup: Fourth of July Edition

Morning, all. This holiday weekend: have fun and be safe!
Along with barbeques, displays of patriotism, and droves of tourists descending upon D.C., Fourth of July means fireworks galore. WaPo explores local pyros. Apparently more people are injured each year in bike, motorcycle, and car accidents than in fireworks-related incidents. Put that one in the Duh [...]

Bomb Scare at Thomas Circle [UPDATED]

A tipster tells City Desk a building at 1 Thomas Circle has been evacuated on account of a bomb scare. No word from MPD yet. Updates as available.
Update: Cops say an Explosive Ordinance Disposal crew is on the scene because of a report of a suspicious package. There are "no results yet."
Update, 12:51 p.m.: Building [...]

Two Busts: One at McKinley Technology High School

Yesterday morning, two men allegedly attempted to burglarize McKinley Technology High School at 151 T Street NE. According to an email from 5th District Commander Lamar D. Greene, a burglar alarm went off at McKinley at approximately 3:15 a.m., and officers responded. They saw a couple of people running through the [...]

Why Did the Washington Post Magazine Run Another Wanda Fleming Column?

A seasoned consumer of news had every reason to furrow a brow at the XX Files column in last week's Washington Post Magazine. The first-person essay touts the author's one-woman campaign against kiddie thieves in a local pharmacy.
Here's a sampling: "As the child scurries past me with his pilfered beverage, I reach out for the [...]

So Long Beauty Island. Hello CVS.

Adams Morgan's divey Chinese takeout may be a tricked-out out sushi bar now, but Columbia Road still has that certain something, namely its empty stores. But fear not all you lovers of long receipts because exciting development is on its way. Yes, it's true, a CVS is going in—eventually—next to the second-rate Safeway, taking over [...]