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Georgetown Cupcake: Tax Scofflaws?

Will the customers waiting in line outside Georgetown Cupcake soon be joined by tax agents? The Washington Business Journal reports that the District has filed a tax lien against the trendy shop for a whopping $189,282.71 in taxes, penalties, and interest. In other words, the equivalent of about 68,727 cupcakes.
According to the lien, available below, [...]

From Young & Hungry: Cupcakes Meet Bulletproof Glass at Olivia’s in Ward 8

Intern Odochi Ibe heads across the Anacostia to visit Olivia's, a cupcakery in Fairlawn, the city's first cupcake shop to open in Southeast east of the river. Besides its location (and prices), Olivia's is a bit different from its competitors in one glaring way: There's bulletproof glass.
Yet, the very existence of the glassy barrier—the kind [...]

Cupcakes Head East Of The River

Congress Heights on the Rise has some pictures from Olivia's Cupcake Shop in Fairlawn. It's exciting to see that the miniature cakes are spreading east of the river—especially considering the cupcake deserts Greater Greater Washington "reported" on earlier this year.
The opening confirms a simple fact: The desire for overpriced flour, butter and sugar knows no [...]

The Real D.C. Schedule Conflicts to Avoid

The big story for political operatives and reporters yesterday was the back-and-forth between the White House and Republicans in Congress over when, exactly, President Barack Obama would head up to the Capitol to make a speech about getting the economy back on track that the Republicans in Congress would then ignore.
Obama had proposed delivering the [...]

Pay Up, Newbies!

Mayor Vince Gray’s budget proposal takes aim at D.C.’s deficit with a combination of service cuts and new taxes and fees. To critics, the cuts (which fall heavily in the social-service sector) and the revenue measures (many of which amount to regressive taxes) will mainly hit the District’s dwindling working class. Who ought to pay [...]

The Needle: No More Federal Fuddy-Duddies!

Support Your Local Federal Fashionistas! Fashion tastes in D.C. often get slammed for being boring. Federal News Radio's "Who is the best dressed fed?" contest might reinforce that notion. But there are only two federal finalists who are locally based! Steven Calvery of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency ("...he is always professional and totally put [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Superlative City Edition

Good morning, Washington! D.C. just won a couple of big plaudits, namely best educated area in the country (according to the Brookings Institute) and most vegetarian-friendly city in North America (according to PETA). Over-educated vegetarians? If someone comes out with a study showing that we also have the highest proportion of Volvo drivers or latte [...]

Catania To Hand Out Cupcakes To Gay Couples Registering To Marry

At-Large D.C. Councilmember David Catania has announced via press release(!) that he will be handing out free cupcakes to gay couples registering for marriage licenses tomorrow morning at D.C. Superior Court. According to the release:
"Beginning at 8:30 a.m., the first 200 couples will receive a box including Hello Cupcake’s signature chocolate and vanilla flavors, offering [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Do The D.C. Police Deserve An A+?

Congress Heights on the Rise gives 7D police and Asst. Chief Diane Groomes an "A+." The blogger writes: "The Advoc8te sees the police out in full force in my neighborhood in  response to the carjackings this week. There are about 10 police cars on our street and we feel much safer!  This increased police prescence is MUCH [...]

One Classroom of Autistic Kids Vs. The Cupcake And The Spork

The New Teacher On The Block has a fascinating post on what their classroom of autistic kids found endlessly fascinating, and what totally freaked them out. The teacher writes:
"Many of you know that children with autism frequently become obsessed with objects that a typically developing child would probably not give another glance. I've decided to [...]

The Cupcake Quest Continues

Yesterday afternoon, I was called upstairs to the production room to try a couple cupcakes an account executive had picked up from Baked & Wired, a bakery near the Shops at Georgetown Park. I guess someone up there had read my previous post about Cakelove and knew I'd be interested in a tasty treat. For [...]

No Love for CakeLove

As I mentioned before, I'm brand new to the District. In fact, this is day 8 of my new life on the East Coast. With this new transition comes adjustments to weather (How ridiculous is this weather, people? I'll tell you. It's ridiculous!) and discoveries of fun things to do and great places to spend [...]