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The Needle: No Tickets Edition

Fenty Goes Tea Party: Good thing for former Mayor Adrian Fenty no one watches Morning Joe—otherwise, most of the goodwill he still had among liberal D.C. voters who backed him last year would have evaporated, when he went on MSNBC to declare he agrees with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's drive to end collective bargaining for [...]

When School’s Out, Outdoor Movie Screenings Are In

When HBO finally got their act together and agreed to keep funding Screen on the Green with the help of a co-sponsor, movie fans and Facebook petitioners cheered.  But there was little instant gratification when organizers announced that the first screening wouldn't occur until July 20th.  Summer officially starts on Sunday and these mild temperatures [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Marbury a Wizard? Can You Party AND Maintain House Ethics? Wake Up Call for Hoop Dreams? Letterman Loses Pride, Battle With Palinites?

As he was heading off the air, I'm pretty sure I heard Dave Feldman at Fox-5 report last night that the Wizards are going to work out Stephon Marbury today.
Did anybody tell Abe Pollin?
Lebron's come and gone. But we only have to wait a week for the next celeb sports doc extravaganza: Luis Tiant will [...]

Who is “Che”? Soderbergh Hasn’t Got a Clue

Before Shepard Fairey wheatpasted Obama's portrait to walls, windows and the backs of those pushy midwesterners blocking your view of the jumbotron Tuesday afternoon, Alberto Korda's 1960 portrait of Ernesto "Che" Guevara was the most ubiquitous piece of hagiography to infiltrate the closets of American youth. Unlike Fairey's Obama, however, the very mass re-production [...]