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Buy D.C.: Crystal City

Each week, Buy D.C. will highlight shops and items you can only find in the D.C. area.

The Needle: That Food Truck is a Terrorist

Hell on Wheels: Washington Times contributor George Farrell is concerned that Washington's food trucks could be turned into weapons for terrorists. "The propane tanks inside food trucks could easily become explosive devices," Farrell writes. So far, no cause for alarm: The mayor's office tells DCist that the federal government hasn't briefed officials on food trucks [...]

The Needle: Matzoh Mitzvah

Deli Delight: D.C. is getting a proper Jewish deli. The menu at DGS Delicatessen, set to open Wednesday in Dupont Circle, features corned beef, kreplach, and, of course, matzoh ball soup. +4
Buses Return: D.C. has won back control of the school buses used to carry special education students. The federal government started overseeing the buses [...]

Morning Roundup: Broder’s Gonna Work It Out Edition

This time, it's not about a charticle. In today's Post, David Broder takes on Dana Milbank, Jason Horowitz, and "journalists who fancy themselves great campaign strategists." Our video guy is standing by.
HEY SPEAKING OF THE POST: One of the paper's boldface names stinks up the joint with a widely ridiculed column, the paper's executive editor [...]

DCision Video 3*: McCain HQ in Crystal City

In which we speak with Mary and Pam, two McCain volunteers who predict an upset victory for the Republican ticket. Mary doesn't trust polls, while Pam thinks Virginia and Florida are going to break decisively for McCain.
An Obama victory, Pam adds, might signify that God requires "penance" from the U.S. For something.
Plus: [...]