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Photos: Hello Bird People

What do we have here? Is it possible it is responsible for this from a few years ago?

Photos: Dog Sneezing

Photo: From the Series: Other People’s Dogs

PHOTO: Fox at Hains Point!

RED ALERT! Spotted by Darrow Montgomery at Hains Point yesterday! Vulpes vulpes at the District's extremis! That's right, I'm talking about foxes! Not the kind that make you look over your sunglasses like Baby Eddie Van Halen in the "Hot for Teacher" video (appendix 1, below), the kind that have bushy tails, used to get [...]

Photo: Postcards From Home: Film and Paper Archive

Zoo, 1991

Photo: Postcards From Home: Film and Paper Archive

Fish Count, 1987

Photo: Dog in a Bag

Photos: From the Series: Nature

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Photos: Bird Fight

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And With a Heavy Heart, I Leave You. OR: Suck It, Haters.

Today I leave the best job I ever had, and that counts a brief stint at Trader Joe's where I tried to get health care after knocking over several cases of Two Buck Chuck with my ass. As asst. managing editor at Washington City Paper for the past two and half years, my job has [...]

Photo: 700 Block of 16th Street NE, June 15

How To Figure Out If You Have Bed Bugs: Get This Dog To Come Over

In a posh hotel in downtown D.C., Dixie, a beagle mix, is sniffing out bed bugs. She can find them in walls, under carpets, and mixed up with cockroaches inside a spinning training device. Mattresses, the most common hiding place for these seed-size suckers of human blood, pose little challenge.
“She only gets fed if she [...]

600 Block of Pennsylvania Ave SE, May 29

Robin 1, Squirrel 0

Hell hath no fury like a robin whose eggs have been tampered with.
I learned that early this morning. Exiting my Petworth abode, I spotted a squirrel scampering pell-mell down a tree across the street. Was he fleeing a jealous mate? Had my roommate's snakes gotten loose?
Neither, it turned out. The squirrel had [...]

Friday, In The Park