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Nationals Park Beers Some of Baseball’s Most Expensive

Drinking at Nationals Park is a good way to avoid actually watching baseball. But that blessed escape will still be pricey this year, with CNN Money declaring that beer prices at Nationals Park are some of the highest in the league. D.C. Sports Bog compares that to the original prices at the stadium:
As you can [...]

In D.C. Jail, “Wizard of Oz” Isn’t Just a Movie

Remember D.C. Jail guard Jonathan Womble, busted in February after a drug-sniffing dog allegedly found pot in his locker? It always looked like the drugs were being smuggled in to inmates, but prosecutors confirmed that suspicion last week when they charged Greenbelt resident Joel Tillery with helping Womble get the drugs, the Examiner reports.
According to [...]

District Line Daily: Busted

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The Springfield groper has struck again, this time in Fairfax County's Kingstowne neighborhood. But new details [...]

Fruit-Throwing Tweens Terrorize Bloomingdale

Normally, the sight of a child with a fruit would be a warm one. But that's not the case in Bloomingdale. Fruit-throwing adolescents are causing so much trouble that two police districts have had to get involved, according to listserv emails first posted on PoPville.
The trouble started on March 19, according to the email from [...]

Brazen Youth Steals Police Car, Immediately Crashes It

Kids these days! Just when we got over them throwing rocks at buses, one of them stole a running Metropolitan Police Department cruiser this afternoon, then quickly crashed it.
In news first broken by Titan of Trinidad, an unknown juvenile stole the cruiser at around 12:30 p.m. on the 3900 block of R St. SE. The [...]

Picking Cherry Blossoms: Illegal, But Alluring

With the cherry blossoms' peak bloom estimated to start next week, we're also about to enter peak blossom-picking season. Of course, the threatened fine is enough to keep people from plucking the blossoms.
But not all! The Crime Museum, in an impressive effort to make a connection between something as idyllic as the cherry blossoms and [...]

Police Investigate NoVa Gallon Smashing

Gallon-smashing, the sticky trend popularized by Vienna teens, is a worldwide sensation. Would-be smashers as far away as New Jersey are being charged with gallon-smashing related crimes, and grocery stores are taking precautions to discourage more of it. Even the French love breaking milk jugs. But now the prank has caught the attention of police [...]

The Needle: Citizen Swordcane

En Garde: Security screeners at Dulles caught a passenger Monday trying to take a cane with a sword inside it on board. Transportation Security Administration official say the woman didn't realize she was packing a lethal cane. +1
Because Maryland Got High: The Maryland senate's vote to decriminalize pot Tuesday puts the state one step closer [...]

Police: Alleged Drug Dealer Hid Cocaine in Detergent Box

Laundry detergent is a reliable currency in the drug economy. But is it also a good place to hide your drugs? That's exactly what police say alleged drug trafficker Luis Garcia-Monro did last week on New York Avenue.
Undercover agents met Garcia-Monro at the McDonald's at 2200 New York Ave. NE on March 17, according to [...]

NBC Admits Police Warned Them About Bringing Ammo Magazine Into D.C.

It's been two months since D.C. Attorney General Irv Nathan decided not to prosecute Meet the Press host David Gregory for possessing an illegal, unloaded ammunition magazine on Gregory's NBC show. But in a previously unreleased document, Meet the Press' lawyer admits what police have been claimed all along—that the network was advised not to [...]

Police: Suspect in Hit-And-Run Put His Keys Where the Sun Doesn’t Shine

Most of the discussion about a Tuesday hit-and-run on a D.C. police officer has centered on how the District didn't have ambulances to help him. But there's more to the story, namely, suspect Kevin M. Burno's unorthodox method of storing his keys.
Burno was driving a white Lexus Tuesday when his car allegedly struck the MPD's [...]

Uber Driver Allegedly Assaults Customer for Burping

A little gas can cause big trouble. Sedan service Uber finds itself the subject of a lawsuit—and with one fewer driver—after a customer's burp allegedly sent the driver into anti-American, anti-gay rant.
The trouble started on Feb. 13, 2012, according to a case filed last month in D.C. Superior Court. Arlington resident Seth Bender ordered an [...]

D.C. Crime Nicknames Aren’t What They Used to Be

Five members of a Columbia Heights criminal ring pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court, along with their leader, Rocio Sanchez-Flores. According to court records, Sanchez-Flores went by the nickname "Taliban."
So, what heinous crime did Sanchez-Flores commit using a nickname so tough that its namesake frustrates NATO coalition forces to this day? According to his guilty [...]

Real Estate Agent Allegedly Terrorizes NoVa Underwear Drawers

Say what you want about real estate agent and alleged Ballston underwear-rifler Stephen Brumme, but you have to admit that he's very businesslike in his creeping. Just take a look at the above video, shot in a home police say Brumme accessed using his real estate business' swipe card. Brumme pulls out some underwear, evaluates [...]

NoVa Gallon-Smashers “Kind of” Sorry for Prank

Fresh off terrorizing Vienna, Va., with their "gallon-smashing" ways, Omar, Zayd and Faysal Khatib are repentant...sort of.
In an appearance on TV show RightThisMinute, the three pranksters were asked whether they felt bad about flopping all over local grocery stores. “We kind of do, now," said Omar. "But I mean, it was just an innocent prank."