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Metro Station Dancer Qween Amor Robbed, Punched

Tutu-clad gay rights activist Qween Amor has been through a lot since December, when we first saw her earning an indecent exposure arrest for tangling with Black Israelites in front of the Chinatown Metro stop. She eventually declared victory over the hate group, but now she's facing an even more implacable foe—snatch-and-grab robbers.
On Tuesday, Amor [...]

The Needle: Bob Ryan Signs Out

Stormy Wednesday: After over 30 years as a Washington TV weatherman, WJLA's Bob Ryan is retiring. -3
Right Side of the Tracks: New routes could help cyclists avoid dangerous streetcar tracks on H St. +1

D.C. Pediatrician’s Office Raided for Child Porn

Parents trust pediatricians to look after their children. But according to police, one D.C. pediatrician was more interested in looking at children—so much so that he was allegedly looking at child porn when police raided his business today.
Acting on a tip from Microsoft about an Outlook account being used to post child pornography, D.C. police [...]

Gun March Organizer Now Calling for Citywide Civil Disobedience

The July 4 armed march on Washington just got a little more interesting. A day after telling City Desk that he would still try to enter Washington with a loaded gun, rally organizer Adam Kokesh changed tactics. Now, he wants citywide civil disobedience over whatever law participants consider unconstitutional.
"This is now a call for mass [...]

Armed March to D.C. Will Continue, Despite Police Warning

D.C. police chief Cathy Lanier took to News Channel 8 yesterday to warn  participants of an armed march into D.C. on July 4 that police would meet them at the Virginia border. But that isn't dissuading organizer and talk show host Adam Kokesh, who tells City Desk he still plans to march.
While Kokesh says he's [...]

District Line Daily: Cop Busted

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A D.C. police officer was involved with a scheme to launder money from cocaine profits, according [...]

D.C. Government to Reach Teens With Anti-Pot Zombies

Don't smoke synthetic marijuana, kiddos: It'll turn you into a flesh-craving beast. That's the message of K2 Zombie DC, a new Department of Health ad campaign aimed at keeping young people off "fake" marijuana.
The campaign's material stress what a downer synthetic marijuana makes its users—proms are ruined repeatedly by toking dates, while above, a carefree [...]

Flower Thief Returns to Foil the New York Times

The return of spring also means the return of Washington's most refined criminal mastermind: the Upper Northwest flower thief. For years, the flower thief has terrorized the gardeners of Chevy Chase, Cleveland Park, and Tenleytown, ripping off their flowers for resale. So far, though, the thief has evaded capture.
This being Washington, what to do with [...]

The Needle: Campaign Season

Door-Knocking: The at-large race has been over for a week, but mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser is already out campaigning. +1
Brainstorming: Can Greater Greater Washington come up with a better name for anti-bikeism than "anti-bikeism"? -1

The Needle: Toking Tourists

Air and Spaced Museum: At-large D.C. Council candidate Paul Zukerberg says some of the District's marijuana arrests are caused by pot-packing tourists who, scared that museum security officers will find their pot, instead clumsily attempt to put their stash in a bush. "When you retrieve your bag (which has already been searched) it's off [...]

Don’t Take David Gregory’s Parking Spot, or Else

Meet the Press host David Gregory isn't too pleased that the annual D.C. Design House is in his Foxhall neighborhood this year. The Design House attracts people, some of whom come in cars—cars that are parked in front of David Gregory's house!
The Post reports that an incensed Gregory made a scene in front of the [...]

Secret Service: White House Threatener Was Angry About Regulations

A new affidavit from a Secret Service agent reveals the motivations of the man whose alleged bomb threat and suspicious vehicle closed roads around the White House this morning.
Krzysztof Wasik was charged with threatening and conveying false information regarding the use of an explosive today, after he allegedly approached a Secret Service agent and said [...]

Jail Inmate Pepper-Sprayed Over Fake Eyelashes, Lawsuit Claims

Fake hair and eyelashes can be great beauty tools outside the D.C. Jail. Inside, not so much. Failing to take them off inside the big house can have dire consequences, according to a lawsuit filed against the District by one former inmate.
On Oct. 1, 2011, inmate Tameka Fleming was being processed through the D.C. Jail [...]

Metro Police Investigating “N” Word Fight, No Charges Yet

Video of the Green Line fight precipitated by a white passenger using the "n" word is sweeping the local Internet. Now news breaks, via Metro statement, that the transit agency is investigating the altercation.
The racial slur-dropping passenger is a 62-year-old from Brandywine, Md., according to the Metro statement. According to Metro, the fight occurred just [...]

Video: White Guy Beaten on Metro After Saying N-Word

A white passenger on Metro's Green Line purportedly dropped the n-word recently to terrible results, according to a new YouTube video posted on the Unsuck D.C. Metro Facebook page.
For his part, the agitated white passenger claims in the footage that another passenger called him a "faggot." But the white passenger's racial slur escalated the situation, [...]