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From Accusations of Kidnapping to Name-Calling, D.C. Cab Customers Are Hard to Please

Last year wasn't the best for the public image of D.C.'s cab industry. Its competitor, app-based car service Uber, increased its footprint while some cabs struggled to install credit-card readers, blew deadlines, and resisted other modernization requirements.
But what do customers think? Through the Freedom of Information Act, City Desk obtained every complaint lodged against cab [...]

This Week in D.C. Taxi News

The D.C. Taxicab Commission may have passed the once-impossible-seeming hurdle of getting vehicles to install credit card readers, but now it has to deal with some of the quirks of the new systems—including making sure payment service providers actually pay drivers for fares collected on their credit card machines.
The commission passed an emergency rule this [...]

Taxicab Commission Meeting Turns Chaotic, so Chairman Cancels it

D.C. Taxicab Commission Chairman Ron Linton adjourned the commission's monthly meeting earlier today after about an hour as hundreds of cab drivers loudly jeered him—the latest sign that the acrimonious relationship between taxi drivers and the city won't be healed anytime soon.
"This is [Linton's] attitude," said Taxicab Commissioner Stanley Tapscott, who's been a driver for more [...]

Teamsters and Cabbies Sue City to Stop Impounding Taxis

The alliance between D.C.'s cab drivers and the Teamsters labor union has made its first move—a lawsuit calling for the District to stop impounding cabs that do not meet the new modernization requirements until the city can prove the credit card system is reliable and there are enough dome lights available for installation.
The lawsuit—filed Tuesday [...]

Two Thousand Cabs Could Be Without Credit Card Readers on Oct. 1 Deadline

Come Oct. 1, as many as 2,000 of D.C.'s taxi cab fleet may still be without an electronic payment reader. That would mean nearly a third of the city's cabs had missed both the original Sept. 1 deadline to have a reader installed and the extended Oct. 1 deadline.
Back in August, the TaxiCab Commission said [...]