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City Paper‘s Sister Paper, Chicago Reader, For Sale

Via Jim Romenesko, the owner of the Chicago Reader is looking for a buyer:
The owner of the Chicago Reader has put the alternative weekly on the sales block, hiring a Dallas firm to help shop the paper, according to sources familiar with solicitations for a sale.
The firm handling the talks, Bulkey Capital L.P., has talked with [...]

Four-Year Roundup

One time in an edit meeting, Erik Wemple said I'd make a terrible profile subject. Drawing a line on a piece of paper, he put me at one end and Jonathan Rees at the other. Rees was too nuts, he said (paraphrasing here) and I was too boring. The ideal City Paper subject, he posited, [...]

Marty Petty Named as New Chief Executive Officer of Creative Loafing

Marty Petty, the former publisher of the St. Petersburg Times and the Hartford Courant, was named this morning chief executive officer of the Creative Loafing chain of alt-weeklies.
Petty's hiring comes at a time of transition for the Creative Loafing papers. In late August, a bankruptcy proceeding forced an ownership change in the chain, taking [...]

Washington City Paper to Sister Paper: Uh, Thanks?

Who Will Own City Paper? We Just Found Out

UPDATE 1628:Chicago Reader enters Atalaya Era after Creative Loafing loses its last bid in bankruptcy court (Chicago Reader)
UPDATE 1535: Creative Loafing chain sold to biggest creditor for $5 million (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
UPDATE 1459: Washington City Paper Now Owned by Atalaya Capital (DCist)
Atalaya outbids Eason, assumes control of Creative Loafing (Creative Loafing Tampa)
UPDATE 1332: Hedge Fund Atalaya [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Boycott City

Good morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to the last Creative-Loafing-in-bankruptcy Freedom Friday! This time next week, we very well might be under "new management," as health-code-violating restaurants like to say.
Today: Lefties will picket the Whole Foods at P Street. Tomorrow: Righties will respond by handing out Whole Food CEO John Mackey's Wall Street Journal [...]

Morning Roundup: Yesterday’s News RIGHT NOW Edition

Health care. Jesus Christ on toast with Marmite, am I ever sick of hearing about health care. Whole Foods—SHUT UP. Public option opponents—SHUT UP. Fox News—SHUT UP. Meanwhile, in British rationing news, I'm horrified to report that my wife's grandmother recently had to wait over an hour to be seen, mostly because the Edinburgh Council [...]

Morning Roundup: The Morning After Edition

Sex Day! We blogged it. Some of my faves: Cherkis'  trio of prostitute posts. Darrow's Lorton pics. Riggs on the bike/porn shop. Godfrey! "I felt like Dad at the dinner table passing out money to his daughters." McKenna on one of the weirdest houses in D.C. "For people with boobs, the hook-up potential is at [...]

Mike Riggs for CEO

Our wacky company. Jesus, our wacky company. Today was the day a judge in Florida was due to decide how best to conduct an equity auction next month that'll presumably end our company's nearly yearlong journey through bankruptcy. She kind of punted.
But: Talk about burying the lede! Following the ruling, Creative Loafing CEO Ben Eason [...]

AAN Awards Update: Washington City Paper Brings Home Three First-Place Wins

Washington City Paper, finalists in five of the highest-circulation categories for the 2009 Association for Alternative Newsweeklies Awards, has been named the first-place winner in three of them: arts criticism, media reporting/criticism, and innovation/format buster. In addition, this blog received second-place honors and staff photographer Darrow Montgomery, who received honorable mention in the 2008 awards, was named [...]

Alts Part of Journalism’s Death Throes, Not Part of Newseum

Pittsburgh City Paper's cover story this week takes a whack at the ink-stained/Twitter divide, asking: "As old media struggles, is a new breed of journalists up to the job of replacing it?"
And unlike the Newseum, which essentially ignores the role of good journalism supported by slutty ads, the PCP includes alternative newsweeklies in the mix. [...]

The Easons Break Out the Bubbly

For real. Taylor Eason, sister of Creative Loafing CEO Ben Eason, has chosen a Louis Roederer Estate Brut to celebrate the company's recent win in bankruptcy court. It is very sensibly priced.

Our Morning Roundup: Who Loves “Rusty” Limbaugh?

I'm soaking wet, dear readers. Your trusted Urban Explorer spent Thursday evening reviewing film fest screeners and sipping G&Js–damn near forgot what day it was and had to run in the rain! Creative Loafing's cat fight, Rush Limbaugh's exploitative second cousin, social engineering and more, after the jump:

Washington City Paper Parent Co. Wins Bankruptcy Ruling

A federal judge in Tampa has just ruled in favor of Creative Loafing Inc. CEO Ben Eason in a bankruptcy struggle with the company's main creditor, Atalaya Capital Management. Holder of $31 million in Creative Loafing debt, Atalaya was seeking to gain control of the company. The court denied Atalaya's motions and directed the two [...]

Hot Off the Presses: Total Disrespect!

Another day, another update about the bankruptcy case filed by Creative Loafing, our parent company.
Apparently a judge in the bankruptcy court will announce tomorrow if Creative Loafing's current owners can continue owning us and the rest of the chain, or if Atalaya, a creditor owed oodles (and a firm that also owns Bennigans), will be [...]