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The Daily Caller Is Looking for a Sexy Bikini Model for Its CPAC Video (Correction: No, It Isn’t)

Update, 11:45. Daily Caller freelancer Mark Judge says he posted the ad, but accidentally wrote that the advertised CPAC video was for Daily Caller. The ad was actually intended to be for Liberty Island, a new publication for the "rising right-of-center counterculture." "[Daily Caller] was just on my brain," Judge, who wrote a piece for the [...]

CPAC to Avoid “Two-Bit Whores” This Year

If you didn't get lucky at the Conservative Police Action Conference 2012 in Washington, you weren't trying hard enough. The general sexiness of last year's younger attendees was frequently lamented, with RedState's Erick Erickson moaning about young cons buying condoms and blogger Melissa Clouthier denouncing them as "two-bit whores."
But this year's conference, starting Thursday, will [...]

The Needle: Stranded Without a Train Edition

Last Call, Last Train? When Metrorail's hours were expanded to better accommodate weekend warriors after midnight—first to 1 a.m. in 1999 and later to 3 a.m.—it was heralded as sign that the nation's capital was loosening its tie a bit and supporting its nightlife. Sure, it reduced the amount of time crews could perform track [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The Power of Rush

Good morning City Desk readers, and happy Freedom Friday. Before we get started, I'd remind you all that John Pinette performs this weekend at the DC Improv, Cool Papa's Party run for just one more week at MetroStage, and David Plotz–former Washington City Paper man and current editor in chief of Slate–reads from and signs [...]