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Asking a Rude Question of Courtland Milloy

A recent piece on The Root mentions my question to profile subject and Washington Post Metro columnist Courtland Milloy for a story in last week's dead tree version of the Washington City Paper: Whether the well-known, and lately Obama-taunting, writer likes white people. Root editor Natalie Hopkinson figures out one reason I asked: "Even [...]

Twitter Digests Courtland Milloy’s Bitter Truth

Just before midnight, Washingtonians worked their “re-tweet” magic on Twitter and the “share” button on Facebook, expressing outrage over the latest Courtland Milloy op-ed in the Washington Post, in which Milloy animatedly breaks down what was wrong with the Fenty administration. Milloy’s non-spoon fed, non-sugar coated attitude is indeed not for the naïve or timid at heart when [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Will the Third Coming of Joe Gibbs Keep You from Wearing a Bag?

In case you missed it: For the malnourished print edition, now available in several dozen boxes around the metroplex, I reminisce about the Day Dan Snyder Tried Crushing the Message.
Redskins security seized anti-Snyder paraphernalia at the FedExField gates before the Tampa Bay game a few weeks ago, without any honorable explanation for the seizures. The [...]

WaPo Re-Org: Holy Shit!

Marcus Brauchli has been executive editor of the Washington Post for nearly eight months. A lot of that time he's spent burrowing into coverage of the global economic meltdown, having meetings with key individuals, and banging away at his BlackBerry. Changes, as is customary at the Post, have come slowly and cautiously, such as the [...]

Will Bowyer and Pennington Get Punished Again?

This week I chronicled D.C. Fire Department arson investigator Greg Bowyer. Bowyer, along with his partner Gerald Pennington, went from working arson cases to checking fire hydrants. They allege their demotion wasn't for any performance reason. No. They got transferred because of their whistleblowing activities.
For more than two years, Bowyer and Pennington have waged a [...]

WaPo Copy-Editing Apocalypse!

Give me an "L." Give me another "L."
Every time I slam the Washington Post for its latest misspelling, people swarm the otherwise empty comments box with a slam or two on me. Oh, you can't criticize the Post until City Paper stops making mistakes of its own. Nitpicker!