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District Line Daily: Free Kwame

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That was fast. The Kwame Brown saga entered its denouement yesterday, as Judge Richard Leon [...]

District Line Daily: Need for Speed

A morning roundup of news, opinion, and links from Washington City Paper and around the District. Send tips and ideas to
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If you see Post columnist Courtland Milloy cruising in his Solara, get out of the [...]

Courtland Milloy: You’re Still Myopic Little Twits

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the cupcake ATM, Post columnist Courtland Milloy's back on the warpath. Once again, he's mad at the District's amenity-loving, Fenty-cheering yuppies—in other words, the "myopic little twits" he named in a 2010 post-election column.
The twits are enjoying Vince Gray's misfortunes, and Milloy [...]

Milloy: Men Ought To Be Involved In Race And Gender Debate

Last week when I wrote about Courtland Milloy's latest columns on gender, race, and why white women are so angry, I wondered about what got Milloy going on the topic. As I noted, the argument about where the interests of white women and women of color align (and part ways) has been going on for [...]

Courtland Milloy And The Oppression Olympics

Well, Postie Courtland Milloy's second crack at white and black female anger was a lot more successful in making a point than his first—much of which boiled down to, "why don't you smile more, white women?!" In his column yesterday, Milloy tackled the complicating effect racism has on poverty and sexism.
Milloy argues that yes, all [...]

Myopic Twits: Older, Blinder and Wise-Asser

Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy's bosses may have forced him to go on Twitter–with mixed results–but rest assured that Milloy has not dropped his cranky-uncle persona just because he's taken the paper's mandatory social-media class.
To wit: Last week marked the first anniversary of the meanest, most polarizing, and most irresistible political label in recent D.C. [...]

Poor People Can Have Refrigerators And Still Be Poor

Courtland Milloy, Post columnist and Washington City Paper cover subject, doesn't quite buy the right-wing Heritage Foundation's take on poverty in America:
A study released this year by the Heritage Foundation argues that living in poverty isn’t as bad as most of us imagine. Indeed, from the way poverty is portrayed by the conservative think tank, you’d [...]

Courtland Milloy, Myopic Little Twit

Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy is trying his hand at being a twit.
After revving up a new Twitter account—@Courtland51—on Friday, it didn't take him long to get going. As of Tuesday afternoon, he'd racked up 43 tweets, was following 138 fellow users, and had collected 255 followers.
But Milloy isn't sure he likes it. Asked what he [...]

The Needle: Back In Time Edition

'HFS, Back On The Air: Nostalgia cycles move ever faster these days, so it's no surprise that we're currently living through a full-blown '90s revival period. (If only the economy would follow suit.) Which means the news that WHFS is returning to over-the-air broadcast was probably inevitable. It'll be on 97.5 FM out of Baltimore, [...]

What Should Courtland Milloy’s Twitter Name Be?

The big news of the week, so far, is the imminent arrival on Twitter of Courtland Milloy, the Washington Post columnist who declared in September that Adrian Fenty-voting, bike lane-commuting, fancy restaurant-dining yuppies who use social media are "myopic little twits."
Milloy told Washington City Paper's Rend Smith that he's been taking Post-mandated social media training [...]

The Needle: Myopic Little Twits Edition

Myopia Spreads: Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy apparently couldn't beat Twitter; he's decided to join it, instead. The Post has Milloy and other writers taking social media training classes, and the man who coined the phrase "myopic little twits" will become one, himself, next month. Milloy says he may use the handle @gigabyteme, but alas, [...]

Coming Soon To Twitter: Courtland Milloy

Brace yourself, D.C.: Courtland Milloy is learning Twitter.
The fiery Washington Post Metro columnist says his newspaper editors have been putting him through a "social networking tutorial," that he's almost done with it, and that his Twitter account launches in July.
The tutorials aren't just for Milloy, says the Post's deputy local editor for digital Jane Elizabeth, though he [...]

What’s the Over/Under on “Redskins” Going Away?

Courtland Milloy wrote another column about changing the name of the local NFL team.
The Washington Post's comments section has attracted a lot of folks who'd rather never be reminded that "wounded knee" can have a meaning beyond Chris Cooley's recent surgery.
The poster going by "Eman8" offered a typical critique of Milloy's piece: "Another plea to [...]

Asking a Rude Question of Courtland Milloy

A recent piece on The Root mentions my question to profile subject and Washington Post Metro columnist Courtland Milloy for a story in last week's dead tree version of the Washington City Paper: Whether the well-known, and lately Obama-taunting, writer likes white people. Root editor Natalie Hopkinson figures out one reason I asked: "Even [...]

Twitter Digests Courtland Milloy’s Bitter Truth

Just before midnight, Washingtonians worked their “re-tweet” magic on Twitter and the “share” button on Facebook, expressing outrage over the latest Courtland Milloy op-ed in the Washington Post, in which Milloy animatedly breaks down what was wrong with the Fenty administration. Milloy’s non-spoon fed, non-sugar coated attitude is indeed not for the naïve or timid at heart when [...]