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Post‘s War on Numbers Continues

A sad story plays out every few weeks on the Post's corrections page: the Post's staff seems unable to figure out the difference between thousands, millions, and billions. Previously, the Post said the Green Lantern made billions of dollars, instead of millions (Ryan Reynolds wishes!).
Today, the Post admitted in Corrections that its story on interstate bus [...]

Fifth Amendment Doesn’t Apply to Feces Flinging Inmate

The D.C. Court of Appeals on Thursday ruled that inmates disciplined by the Department of Corrections aren't protected from further criminal prosecution for the same offenses under the federal double jeopardy clause.
The court's decision stems from the rebellious behavior of one Travis Haney.
According to court papers:
While being held at the District of Columbia Jail pending trial in another [...]

The Hall of Funny Corrections

A piece posted last night on sought to report how some folks were making money off the JK Wedding video.
The clip has more than 12 million plays on, and, according to the writer, Tameka Kee of, has "sparked a 20,000 percent increase in album sales on Amazon."
Kee attributed that amazing figure to [...]


In a March 26 blog post, says Neil J. Pedersen, administrator of the Maryland State Highway Administration, Michael Byrne asserted that the Intercounty Connector (ICC) was being funded in part by the stimulus bill. Pedersen wrote me a letter taking issue with Byrne's reporting (PDF here).
Since Byrne works for the Baltimore City Paper and the [...]


Due to a production error, the last two lines of "Obsessive Chef Disorder," Tim Carman's piece about persnickety chefs, were omitted from this week's print edition. The last paragraph of the piece should read:
These infrequent sessions give the staff an opportunity to tell Buben that his obsessions have gone from constructive to destructive. The [...]