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Uber Sets Out to Disrupt D.C. Corner Stores

Uber isn't stopping at taxis: The app-based ride share company now wants to disrupt D.C.'s corner stores.
The company announced the launch of Uber Corner Store today—a service that will deliver toiletries and candy to people, items that many D.C. residents can easily find at the corner store right next to their homes. (But why walk down the block and interact with neighbors when you [...]

Chatter: Corner’s Kaddish

Last week’s cover package concerned D.C.’s corner stores—the small convenience shops that can be found across the District and are often beloved and bemoaned in equal measure. Of the five shops we profiled, the most controversial was the one whose neighborhood has gentrified most dramatically in recent years: Bloomingdale’s Windows Cafe & Market. Responding to [...]

When Gentrification Rode Into Bloomingdale, Windows Cafe & Market Saddled Up

When he opened Windows Cafe & Market in Bloomingdale in 2001, Hunegnaw Abeje peddled mostly beer and chips from behind a Plexiglass window. Now, he stocks $10 organic maple syrup, and the Plexiglass is long gone.
Windows is typical of the D.C. corner stores that have upscaled in an attempt to grab hold of the new [...]

Where Are D.C.’s Corner Stores?

Sure, you know the place down the block from you, and maybe the one a couple of streets over. And the one by your friend’s house where you sometimes stop by to pick up a six-pack on your way to visit. But how many corner stores are there in the District, all told?
Defining them is [...]

In Deanwood, a Neighborhood Market Stands Up for the Good Old Days

Irvin Parker likes to sit in a chair by the window of his corner store on Sherriff Road and 46th Street NE, a particularly good vantage point to scan both the inside of his modest market and the neighborhood that has changed outside.
Parker, 69, is the second generation of his family to run Deanwood’s Suburban [...]

God Save the Quinoa: Scheele’s Turns 120 With an Assist From Georgetown Residents

There’s something sacred about the bond between East Georgetown residents and their favorite corner store, and it’s a bond that not even sky-high property values can break.
Scheele’s Market, a quaint grocery at the corner of 29th and Dumbarton streets NW, celebrates its 120th birthday this year. It’s by far the oldest corner store in Georgetown, [...]

What’s Your Favorite Corner Store in D.C.?

It's 9:30 p.m. and rainy, but you feel like a cookie. You ran out of coffee creamer that morning, too—and you just used your last foot of dental floss.
Wait till tomorrow and hit Safeway on the way home from work? No, these are needs that must be addressed now. You're heading to your local corner [...]