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Stylebook Change: No More “Listserv”!

Outi Tuomaala got in touch. Tuomaala works for L-Soft, which she says is the company that developed Listserv software. L-Soft is a little concerned.

Copy-Editing Corner: When England Isn’t England

According to my American friend Elizabeth who now lives in the U.K....a noticeable difference between the level of care in the U.S. and British systems is the hospital ward. Here in the U.S. we're used to having "semi-private" rooms wherein two strangers are housed in adjacent beds in the same hospital room with curtains for [...]

Copy-Editing Corner: Are Bands “It”s or “They”s?

My blog item yesterday about media organizations axing copy editors and receptionists set off a firestorm of comments about whether musical groups should be referred to as singular or plural entities. OK, actually it was two people. OK, both people commented on my Facebook page, not here. But this does not mean I can't get [...]