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Photos: Turkey Bowl

Photo Gallery.  Dunbar 33 Coolidge 21.  Nov. 24th.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

Photos: Coach Natalie Randolph

Michelle Rhee Bowl To Be Played Tonight: Winless Coolidge Vs. Winless Anacostia!

photo by Darrow Montgomery

Somebody's gotta win.
Remember when Michelle Rhee pronounced the vote against her boss as "devastating for the children of D.C.," the cockiest  utterance from a D.C. public official since Marion Barry's "Get over it!"? (Yeah, Rhee is a public official. I just looked it up.)
Well, it's real tough to view Rhee's leaving, if that's what she's promising us, as much of a loss when [...]

Is Michelle Rhee Using Natalie Randolph to Make It Look Like She Cares About Girls in Sports?

For the justifiably overappreciated print version of Washington City Paper, I wrote this week about how Natalie Randolph, the new Coolidge coach and Parade cover girl, is being used to cover up serious gender inequities within the athletic programs offered by D.C. Public Schools under Michelle Rhee. Pick up a copy, read the column, gaze [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Introducing the Open Letter Tracking Service™?

Hot Stove League update: The Nationals sign a guy named "Pudge."
The Washington Times headline writer assumes everybody knows who the Pudge in question is. The Nats' new Pudge, AKA Ivan Rodriguez, no longer wears the nickname real well.
First of all, he's 38 years old, and "Pudge" is one of those handles that doesn't age with [...]

Vontae Davis Says Coach Locksley’s DC Pipeline Will Reach Albuquerque

When I spoke with the NFL's Davis brothers, Vernon and Vontae, before last weekend's youth football camp at their alma mater, Dunbar, they confirmed that they decided where to go to college because of Mike Locksley. He's the DC native and former Maryland and Illinois assistant coach who gained renown by developing a pipeline of [...]