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CPAC to Avoid “Two-Bit Whores” This Year

If you didn't get lucky at the Conservative Police Action Conference 2012 in Washington, you weren't trying hard enough. The general sexiness of last year's younger attendees was frequently lamented, with RedState's Erick Erickson moaning about young cons buying condoms and blogger Melissa Clouthier denouncing them as "two-bit whores."
But this year's conference, starting Thursday, will [...]

Just 20 Percent of D.C. Residents Identify as Conservative

In sad news for the District's feckless local Republicans, a new Gallup poll puts the number of District residents identifying as conservative at just 20.5 percent, compared to 38 percent of the population nationally. Even worse: 40.8 percent identify as liberal.
Those numbers make the District more liberal than any of the 50 states that were [...]