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The Needle: In Congress, Opinions Are Like Assholes Edition

Express Yourself: Voters approved an amendment to the Home Rule Charter in April that would allow D.C. to spend locally raised money without waiting for Congress to appropriate it to us by an overwhelming 81-13 margin. The official word from the House of Representatives: Well, that's just your opinion. Literally—a report issued by the GOP-controlled [...]

Ending Lazy Columnizing Would Boost Dana Milbank’s Case for Local Readership

The specific gripes Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank has against the District government, as detailed in this morning's column:

Taxicabs will soon all be painted red.
The signs on top of cab roofs that say "Call 911."
D.C. Councilmember Vincent Orange has been admonished for interfering with a health inspection of a campaign donor's allegedly rat-infested grocery store.
D.C. [...]

Troll Call

District voters approved an amendment to the city’s Home Rule Charter on Tuesday that could end the need for Congress and the White House to approve local budgets each year (unless the change is thrown out by the courts or by Congress, which is still possible). Which means the long-frustrating practice of federal lawmakers adopting [...]

Country Run By Weird, Horny Men

Shows like House of Cards may make the life of a woman reporter in Washington look exciting. But according to Marin Cogan, writing in The New Republic today, in reality, being a woman reporter in Washington exposes you to weird sexual advances from creepy D.C. bigshots who seem to think the sex-for-scoops arrangements on the show [...]

If Congress Can’t Avert the Sequester, Here’s What Will Happen to D.C.

The White House has a list of all the D.C. programs that could go without funding if Congress can't avert the sequester, and there are a lot. The D.C. residents who stand to lose most in the sequester include:

Teachers: The sequester would eliminate $533,000 in education funding.
The old: District seniors would lose $191,000 in meal [...]

Bonjour! Washington Is the New Versailles

As promised, Sean Hannity devoted his entire show Friday night to "BoomTown," an expose of our city and its filthy lucre. But instead of likening Washington to the Capitol from The Hunger Games, Hannity's guests opted for a new analogy: Now we're Versailles.
"Not only is Washington, D.C., becoming, you know, this new Versailles that reminds you [...]

D.C. Film Office Coup! Congressman Uses Capitol Hill as Stand-In for Illinois

People say D.C. is a hard place to shoot films, but that didn't stop Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock (R) from using a Capitol Hill neighborhood as a stand-in for storefronts in his district. But, as the Hill is Home notes, Schock never says he's not actually in Illinois.
Standing outside the Heritage Foundation's Pennsylvania Ave. office, [...]

Conservative Site Wants to Compete on the Hill

Righty website PJ Media is aiming to expand its Washington operations in a big way. Really big. "I would say that PJ Washington intends to be in that family of Hill-specific publications," says Washington editor Bridget Johnson.
That means competing with Hill reporting giants like CQ Roll Call and The Hill, Johnson's old employer. It's an [...]

The Official Republican Line on D.C.

Last week, you read about the Republican Party platform committee and its extensive efforts to ensure that the District maintains its colonial status vis-a-vis the federal government. But now, with the GOP convention in full swing in Tampa, Fla., you can actually read what the platform itself says about our city. Here's every line in [...]

The Least Beautiful Descriptions of The Hill’s Most Beautiful People

People like to complain about The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful People list, but how can you not love seeing The Hill's writers strain to stretch any character detail into a one- or two-word defining trait? Someone who eats McDonald's once a month gets the descriptor "McDaddy." A woman saying she doesn't like to wear pearls becomes "Anti-Pearls." [...]

Wonks: House Plan To Get Rid Of American Community Survey “Absolutely Terrible”

On Wednesday night, the Republican-controlled House approved the U.S. Census Bureau budget with one big change: GOPers voted to eliminate funding for the annual American Community Survey on the grounds that it's not required by the Constitution and is an invasion of privacy.
"It's an absolutely terrible decision—it's terribly shortsighted," says David Cooper, an economic analyst [...]

The Needle: Occupy Congress Edition

Congress, Occupied: Occupy D.C. is one of the only remaining encampments in the nation, after crackdowns in other cities, and the protesters in McPherson Square appear to be making the most of it. They filed for permits today to hold an "Occupy Congress" march on the Mall on Jan. 17. But maybe that doesn't go [...]

Eleanor Holmes Norton is Worth Some Money

DCist's Benjamin R. Freed pulls out the details of D.C.'s Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton's personal wealth:
The Post tabulated her personal wealth as $1,697,521 in 2009, good for 176th highest on the list of 518 current and former House members.
Norton's 2009 financial disclosure, obtained from, shows that in addition to her $174,000 salary, she drew income from [...]

It Was A Very Bad Year For Congress

Ezra Klein notes that this really is the worst Congress ever. At least going by public approval: Congress will end the year with an 11 percent approval rating
Poll respondents in Connecticut or Idaho may not number this among their reasons for maligning the legislators, but we locals have a pretty hefty new set of grievances [...]

D.C. Statehood: The TV Series

"Today Mayor Vincent C. Gray and D.C. Office of Motion Picture and Television Development Director Crystal Palmer will participate in a series of meetings with cable network executives in New York to attract more cable production to the District. Mayor Gray and Director Palmer also hope to encourage network executives to develop programming for [...]