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Four Ways of the Condo

A booming D.C. means more condos, and more condos translate to ever more confounding luxury building names. These run the gamut from the meaninglessly pretentious (think one-syllable club-like monikers) to the dazzlingly tone-deaf (the swagger-jacking Langston Lofts). Whether you’re on the hunt for a swanky condo that screams elitism or one that succinctly conveys your [...]

Real Estate Preposterousness Spiral Continues

Forget the AVA Twitter wall! So long, Louis' bulldogs-in-tutus aesthetic! That's because we have a new winner for craziest Washington development gimmick, and it is Fahrenheit.
Fahrenheit, a 31-condo development at 3930 Georgia Ave. NW, is presumably so named because it's hot. Hot as a unit of temperature! In emphatic italics, Fahrenheit's website urges (warns?) visitors [...]

Ward 5 Voter: Buildings Without Kids Are Racist!

The Ward 5 special election, in Tim Craig's telling in this morning's Post, is turning into the same thing virtually every recent D.C. election has become: a referendum on the city's changing demographics. And I'm sympathetic to most of the concerns longtime residents raise in Craig's story: development only arrives when wealthy, white residents do, [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Are New Proposed Tax Bills for Mount Vernon Triangle Condo Associations Taxing?

The Issue: Condo associations in the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood are none too pleased with a proposed initiative of the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR). Under a pilot program, OTR would send one lump-sum tax bill to each condo association, rather than individual bills to each condo owner. So what? Condo associations don't [...]

Our Morning Roundup: A Metrobus Strikes Again

Prince of Petworth posts on the effort/petition to save the Black Rooster. One reader's response:  "i LOVE the black rooster. if the peace corps really closes it down…i just…i might just not go to happy hour anymore, ever, anywhere. and that would make me terribly sad. save the rooster!"
Penn Quarter Living debuts a new column [...]