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What MPD’s Condom Practice Means for the Transgender Community

Transgender individuals don’t have it easy in the District: The last time the District government studied the population, in 2000, it had a 42 percent unemployment rate, and 47 percent of the community didn't have health insurance.  To make ends meet, many end up in sex work as a last resort, transgender activist Jeri Hughes says—16 [...]

Yokel Angle

Back in the day, slanting national outdoor advertising campaigns to all but the largest markets was usually too costly. And when someone did pay to print a few hundred subway posters for a system the size of the Metro, they’d usually scrimp on content, reasoning that we local yokels would be so flattered by the [...]

The Needle: If You Were a Condom, What Condom Would You Be? Edition

What Condom Are You?: First, the District started handing out Trojan Magnum condoms, in an attempt to encourage people who think the standard-issue sizes won't fit them to use the free prophylactics. Now D.C. officials have set up an elaborate quiz designed to match would-be condom users' personalities to their rubbers. Depending on what type [...]