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District Limerick: (SN)Off topic

That two-story lot was just hooey
But good for commuters from Bowie
Their cars and their trucks
Can park for six bucks
Free bonus: Make biking more screwy
When Target and Best Buy invested
We knew it would get more congested
But more halfwits swerving
At 14th and Irving
Should make that place wholly detested

Photos: Metro shots

How Was Your Snowy Commute?

This morning, at around 10 a.m., I stood at a bus stop, 30 minutes into the morning's snow-filled commute. A fellow rider huddled next to me in the bus shelter remarked that the snow was pretty. "Yeah," I replied, "but why did this have to happen in March!"
"Because March is fucked up," he said. "You [...]

D.C. ‘Burbs: Worst Place in America for Commuters

Forbes' latest list-y edition puts the D.C. region at No. 4 for most affluent community in the country (McLean was McMansioned out by Dallas 'burb Southlake, NYC 'burb Darien, CT, and San Francisco 'burb Los Altos), but on the shittiest commute front, we're No. 1.
According to the mag, D.C. is "by far the worst part [...]