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From The Comments: On White, Male Media Critics

My post yesterday on the whiteness and maleness of media criticism has been making the rounds (expectedly so, since the metaness of media criticism of media criticism is irresistible to the Internet), and we've gotten a number of thoughtful comments. A few people have addendums to my theory. Writes commenter Donna (emphasis added by me):
Women and [...]

The Post Notices Its Commenters Are Assholes

In the comments of a Post magazine story about a woman who divorced her husband after he had a debilitating stroke, columnist Robert McCartney notes things got very nasty, very quickly:
Writers didn’t stop at condemning Ivie for divorcing her first husband, an act that they said violated her marriage vows. They went on (and on), [...]

Fighting Moms: Best DCUM Story Comments

Have you read this week's cover story about the Mommy Fights on the D.C. Urban Moms message board? If not, let some of the best commenters entice you in. We've collected our favorite comments from our site and Fark that really sum up the horrid underbelly of the District. It's a place where rich parents [...]

Should City Desk Delete Nasty Comments?

Over its nearly four years in existence, City Desk has taken a laissez-faire approach to comments. Whatever you want to say, we pretty much let you. The result of this "policy" is that some pretty nasty and abusive stuff winds up unfurling just below our blog posts.
Witness the following comment in response to a recent [...]

WaPo Seeking “Bottom-Line Profits”?

The Washington Post's Free for All section, published each Saturday, generally features commentary and sniping by some of the most sophisticated consumers of news anywhere. People contrive humorous jabs at the paper's beleaguered copy desk, question front-page display decisions, and quibble about everything.
One recent "Free for All" complaint has stuck with me for a [...]