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Columbus Day Could Become ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’ in D.C.?

"We know about the demise of the culture of the people that happened when the Europeans came," LaRuby May said.

The Shutdown Diaries: Disengaged

I am a nonessential federal employee. This is my shutdown.
Today is a federal holiday. It's Columbus Day, which means no federal workers are in the office anyway. This is one of two weird holidays—Veteran's Day is the other—where few others beyond federal employees enjoy time off. Many private companies fold this holiday time into different [...]

Photo: Knights of Columbus

Unit block of Massachusetts Ave, NE.  Oct. 8th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

The Needle: Canadian Thanksgiving Edition

Just Another Monday: In most of the country, Columbus Day is the sort of thing that passes without much notice, just another Arbor Day. Not so in the nation's capital; here, preposterous Eurocentric implications of the holiday aside, the second Monday in October qualifies as a bona fide big deal. Metro running on holiday schedule, [...]