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Photo: Gathering for Solidarity for Ferguson, Mo.

Photo: Red Shed

Alley, 1100 Block of Irving Street NW, May 9

Fact Check: No Dead Body in Front of Columbia Heights Target

A vigilant reader wrote into PoPville today saying he saw a possible dead body in front of the Target in Columbia Heights this morning. The Prince subsequently posted this possible dead body sighting:
Black male 20 to 30 years old, in a black jacket, lying face down on the sidewalk in a small pool of blood. [...]

The Needle: Canadian Invasion

Dry Humor:  A huge Canada Dry delivery truck crashed, blocked all northbound lanes on 14th Street and Park Road NW in Columbia Heights, and made for a great photo op. -1

Eternal Optimists: "If you hate winter, next week through the first couple of days of March may have you hating life," writes the Capital Weather [...]

T.G.I. Friday’s Gets Closer to Entering D.C. Nightlife Fray

T.G.I. Friday's, a mainstay of suburban strip-mall corridors across America, is one step closer to becoming the 14th Street nightspot destination spot it's seeking to be.
The chain, known for its mediocre bar food, is opening shop on 14th and Monroe streets NW in Columbia Heights, catty-corner from the culinarily similar Ruby Tuesday's. The area's Advisory [...]

The Needle: Trippin’ Requests

Slammer Vacay: Beleaguered D.C. Councilmember Michael A. Brown is asking a federal judge to allow him to take a vacation to Florida with his family before he goes to prison. -5
Frenemies: D.C. woman almost hits man on bike while driving. Man gives her nasty look. Woman apologizes on Reddit. +2

U.N. Brown Shirts Actually Just MPD Officers

Are a team of NATO and Russian officers training alongside D.C. police officers in Columbia Heights?
Well, the answer is almost certainly no, but nothing is definite, at least according to one extreme Columbia Heights vigilante with the Twitter handle @bombecerise.
The woman tweeted she saw UN troops and Park police training in Columbia Heights. This prompted [...]

Appeal Denied for Columbia Heights Bird Lover Who Tried To Poison Cats

The Columbia Heights woman convicted in 2011 of attempting to poison her neighborhood cats for the sake of the bird population is, well, still guilty.
The D.C. Court of Appeals denied Nico Dauphine's appeal in a ruling issued Thursday, writing that "the government has met its burden to prove appellant acted with intent to commit the [...]

Neighbors Want to Improve Ugly Dog Park

Between the wine bars, cafes, and taco shops, Columbia Heights' 11th Street strip should be the ideal spot for a dog park. Instead, it's stuck with a mostly fenced-in unofficial park at Park Road, much of which is taken up by a grate.
One group of park-goers wants to change that. The Friends of Columbia Heights [...]

The Needle: Pricey Pooch

Dognapping: An 18-year-old District man was sentenced to four years in prison today for attempting to steal a Yorkie at gunpoint, according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office. "Give me your dog," Christopher Young told the dog's owner as he pointed a gun at her. "Yorkies cost a lot of money." The [...]

Photos: Bus Stop

14th and Irving Streets NW, March 11

This Week’s Page Three Photo

3000 Block of 14th Street NW, March 11
Past page three photos are in this gallery.

Photo: Self Checkout

14th and Irving Streets, NW, March 11

D.C. Crime Nicknames Aren’t What They Used to Be

Five members of a Columbia Heights criminal ring pleaded guilty yesterday in federal court, along with their leader, Rocio Sanchez-Flores. According to court records, Sanchez-Flores went by the nickname "Taliban."
So, what heinous crime did Sanchez-Flores commit using a nickname so tough that its namesake frustrates NATO coalition forces to this day? According to his guilty [...]


Washingtonians opposed to development could soon find themselves facing something new: residents who support liquor licenses, want to see more construction, and are actually organized. And if that happens, it'll be due in small part to the proposed U Street NW liquor moratorium.
"I feel like the current system basically gives a heckler's veto to a [...]