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Jim Graham Talks About Young Staffer Turned Alleged Columbia Heights Shooter

Yesterday evening, WJLA broke the story that the alleged Columbia Heights shooter was an intern working in Councilmember Jim Graham's office. Graham had driven the suspect, Devyn Black, 19, to the Third District police station. Black turned himself in without incident.
At some point on Friday, Graham had heard from media sources that Black had been [...]

Live From the Post-Columbia Heights Shooting Press Conference; Evans Says Think West Side Story!

Jason Cherkis is on the scene for the press conference announced after yesterday's shooting at the Columbia Heights Metro.
3:37 Press conference hasn't started, but there's a band of protesters already across Irving Street. They're protesting the gang injunction. Roughly 10 of them, waving signs with a bullhorn. Protesters are changing, "Intervention, not injunction," and "Prosecute [...]

Fenty To Hold Press Conference @ Columbia Heights Metro Stop

Mayor Adrian Fenty's office has announced that a press conference will be held at the Columbia Heights metro stop this afternoon at 3:30.
The reason as stated in the press advisory is not a shocker. Fenty and Co. plan on using yesterday's shooting to press for the controversial gang injunctions. According to the advisory: "The Fenty [...]

Photos: Shooting, Columbia Heights

More on Columbia Heights Shootings

Some details on the Columbia Heights Metro shootings, from Assistant D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham: