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Weed May Be Legal in D.C., But It’s Still Banned on Local College Campuses

Sorry, dorm-room stoners.

Living the Dream: This Nonprofit Helps College Become Reality for Undocumented Immigrants

Sadhana Singh was sure that college was out of the question.

Six Degrees of Variation

D.C. may be the nation’s capital, but local universities are teaching more than just political science. Feel like you aren’t making good use of your free time? Want to learn how to cure cancer? Check out these programs that are creating some unique young professionals.

Program: Major in Leisure Studies
School: Howard University
Description: Prepares students for a [...]

Georgia Grads Hottest in D.C., Says Dating Company

Hinge, the Washington dating app that also does statistics, is out with some new numbers. Hinge previously produced a list of the hottest companies in D.C. Now it's asked which university produces all the hot people that go to work for those companies. The answer: the University of Georgia.
UGA tops Hinge's ranking of the most [...]

George Washington Students Not All Comically Rich, President Says

The Washington Post Magazine had a story this week about how obnoxiously, amusingly wealthy some George Washington University students are, and university president Steven Knapp isn't happy, calling the Post's portrait of a campus of budding Thurston Howell IIIs "distorted."
Which isn't to say that George Washington's bottle-service class isn't living large. According to the Post, they're [...]

The Needle: Go to School Edition

College For All—Or Else: For better or worse, a college degree is becoming an essential credential if you want to get the kind of job that can provide a middle class standard of living (before it's eventually outsourced somewhere else and/or your employer goes out of business). So when D.C. Council Chairman Kwame "Fully Loaded" [...]

Where Do Local Schools Stand On the Amethyst Initiative?

Since its founding last year, the Amethyst Initiative, a campaign to initiate a public debate about the merits of a 21 year old drinking age, has been growing every day.  The Initiative, started by John McCardell, President Emeritus of Middlebury College, now boasts the support of the Presidents and Chancellors of a whopping 135 [...]