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GW Admits Non-Rich Kids Were Bumped to Wait List

George Washington University, which has been tirelessly fighting its rich-kid image, admitted that its declared "need blind" admissions policy—a policy that does not factor in an applicant's financial status when determining if he or she should be admitted to the school—is anything but.
Up to 10 percent of GW's roughly 22,000 or so applicants each year [...]

George Washington University Booted From College Rankings

Don't screw around with U.S. News & World Report! That's the message today from the popular college ranking service, which has decided to drop George Washington University from its list this year after the university admitted last week it had inflated the number of freshmen who ranked at the top of their high [...]

AU Gets Ranked Second Most Expensive School By Useless Website

Unless you are a) a high school student applying for college, b) a person who works at a college, or c) the parent of someone who is applying to a college, you may not be aware of the cottage industry of websites for the college-bound. These sites are the bane of universities, largely because they [...]