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The Needle: Topher

Bachelor Party: Will Bachelor Pad star Chris Bukowski name his upcoming "ladies sports bar" Buk & Doe, Bracket Room, In Theory, Over-Under, ChangeUp, Rolecab, or Topher? Which is worse? -5
College Park Explosives: Police found a third explosive device in a week in College Park today. -3

The Needle: Wizards Unpopular

Alakazam: A consistently crummy record has left the Wizards with the worst fan relations in American pro sports. Not just basketball, not just Washington teams, but all pro sports. -4

The Needle: Clear Of The Opening Doors Edition

Please Stand Clear Of The Opening Doors: Riders on a Red Line train this morning were treated to a fun new trick: Doors that opened while the train was still moving. Passengers were taken off the train, and the cars were taken out of commission while WMATA tries to figure out what happened. Really makes [...]

When Was the Last Time D.C. Was Hit By a Tornado?

Yesterday, a fierce storm blew through New York City. While the National Weather Service is investigating whether it was indeed a tornado, it was scary nonetheless. Just watch this video of the intense storm as it rolled through Brooklyn. (And definitely watch the video above, which should provide guidelines on exactly what not to do [...]

Where Do Local Schools Stand On the Amethyst Initiative?

Since its founding last year, the Amethyst Initiative, a campaign to initiate a public debate about the merits of a 21 year old drinking age, has been growing every day.  The Initiative, started by John McCardell, President Emeritus of Middlebury College, now boasts the support of the Presidents and Chancellors of a whopping 135 [...]

This Sucks: Vertigo Books Is Closing

Vertigo Books has just announced that it is closing. Very sad news as the bookstore had an awesome staff, offered a great selection, and produced interesting readings each month from well-known authors and should-be-well-known authors. They championed African-American literature in particular and had close ties with the DC-area community. They defined the independent bookstore. In [...]

Gary Williams Is Hotttttt!

I wrote this week that Gary Williams doesn't recruit real good. (That's allegedly him in red on a recent recruiting trip to DeMatha in the fuzzy photo.)
The Washington Post ran a story today on the front of the sports section that says Gary Williams doesn't recruit real good.