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Bad Timing: Italian Embassy to Host Wolf Blitzer for Journalism Award

When the organizers of Italy's Urbino Press Award in D.C. looked for a reporter to honor, Wolf Blitzer must have looked like a perfect choice. After 23 years at CNN, Blitzer couldn't be a less controversial example of American journalism. And then the Boston marathon bombings—and CNN's comical misreporting of their aftermath—happened.
Blitzer spent much of [...]

What If CNN Covered Local D.C. News?

The seconds after the Supreme Court issued its ruling on President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law this morning were not CNN's finest moments. The network breathlessly reported that the court had found the law's mandate for all Americans to have health insurance unconstitutional, when in fact, the court had done the exact opposite.
And while the [...]

The Needle: Hot Hot Heat Edition

You Can Dance If You Want To: Future scholars of social movements may well look back on May 2011 as the month it became safe to dance. Because up to now, the U.S. Park Police arrests of dancers at the Jefferson Memorial was merely a funny story; all of a sudden, it's a political protest. [...]

Does Howard Kurtz Have Power? (Part 2)

So does Howard Kurtz have power?
As of 1:24 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time... We don't know! No update on the electricity situation at the Kurtz homestead in more than five hours. (Though there is a new link to some Playboy photos!) But surely, Pepco is on the case.
Remember, at City Desk, our motto is: "Your number [...]

Does Howard Kurtz Have Power?

A few weeks ago, Washington Post and CNN media reporter Howard Kurtz launched a Twitter crusade to get Pepco to restore power to his home after the massive thunderstorms that swept the region. At first, the Pepco folks didn't seem to realize who they were dealing with. "Of course we care," Pepco's Andre Francis replied. [...]

District Limerick: snOMG

Before you get on your high horse
Your lim'ricist shows her remorse
Turns out I was wrong
The snow came on strong
And so did the show of great force
On U St, the snowball fight surged
The Hummer came; people converged
What started out jolly
Soon turned to pure folly
When gun-toting lawman emerged
Then CNN picked up the feud
(Click here if you haven't [...]

Mainstream Media Thinks Snowball Fight Posed Anarchist Threat

So the snowball incident has made it to CNN which links to WJLA's scare story hatchet job. DCist notes that the coverage was a wee bit on the paranoid side:
"As if the negative coverage doesn’t threaten to be embarrassing enough for the District, the story — headlined 'Snowball Fight Takes a Turn for the Worse' [...]

Radley Balko Comments on CNN’s Unattributed Use of His Reporting

Late last month, WaPo's Ian Shapira accused Gawker of ripping off his story about a pricey consultant: "Gawker's version of my story, headlined " 'Generational Consultant' Holds America's Fakest Job," begins by telling its readers to "Meet Anne Loehr" — with a link to my story but no direct mention of The Post."
The fallout that [...]

Our Morning Roundup: We Need Another Beer Summit

Kudos to CNN for leading its Obama Beer Summit story with who drank what instead of who said what. There's a special place in hell for people who pander. Also, did you know Obama had another meeting yesterday, with Philippines President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo? Of course not.
While we're on the topic of elevating abusive cops above [...]

Marion Barry on CNN American Morning

Key line: "In those instances where you call it 'trouble,' it’s been other people who have done that."

WaPo Slow to Train Crash

At this moment, Dr. Gridlock is in the vanguard of Washington Post coverage of this afternoon's train mishap in Northeast D.C. The item credits WJLA-TV and CNN for key facts on the accident.
Here's one commenter from the on the matter:
How is the Washington Post being scooped about a potentially serious metro rail collision? This [...]