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Dan Snyder Uses Smoke and Mirrors, Hold the Mirrors, to Sell Club Seats?

For the cha-chingy print platform of Washington City Paper, I wrote this week about the "cigar bar" that Dan Snyder uses to sell club seats. Pick up a copy, read the story, respond to every paid personal ad, do the right thing.
You might have heard the Redskins are having trouble moving those pricey tickets. [...]

Redskins Club Seats Have Been a Flop From the Start: A Primer

THIS JUST IN: Dan Snyder's having trouble selling club seats!
OK, that's not just in. He's had that same trouble since buying the team.
But Snyder's got more now than ever. He removed whole sections from the so-called Joe Gibbs Level of FedExField this offseason,  allegedly to make room for a new video system. He's relocated the [...]

Fan Appreciation, Dan Snyder Style!

Hoping to hold on to some of the season ticket holders that are still around, Dan Snyder has announced what a pop-up ad on the team's Web site calls a "Free Fan Appreciation Day, to be held June 1 at the Six Flags park in Largo.
Judging from the fine print, however, Snyder doesn't appreciate all [...]