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Passenger Struck by Train at Van Ness

Another day, another Red Line delay.  This time, it's due to a train striking a man as it pulled into Van Ness/UDC  station around 12:30 this afternoon.  According to Metro's press release,
"A six-car Red Line train headed toward Shady Grove was pulling into the station around 12:30 p.m. when witnesses report the man intentionally placed [...]

Cleveland Parkers Refusing to Open Doors to Well-Dressed African-American Men

Magazine sellers and Bible studiers—especially those who are well-dressed and African-American—beware. The people of Cleveland Park are onto you. For months they've been posting suspicious interactions with you and your efforts this week? They are well-documented on the all-knowing Listserv.
To wit:

Murdered Couple’s Cats Need Homes

Mike and Ginny Spevak, the well-known Friendship Heights couple murdered in their home last November, left behind a daughter and son, their spouses, a grandson, siblings—a loving family. They also left behind three cats they adored. Two of them now need homes.

Our Morning Roundup: Communism in Cleveland Park Edition

First up: Fresh stuff right here on this very Web site. Jason Cherkis has the cops, in their own words, explaining themselves for the DeOnte Rawlings shooting. Of special note: why they not only left the boy bleeding from the back of the head, but why they never even checked to see if he's still alive. Stunning.
Tim Carman's [...]

Our Morning Roundup: First Dog Edition

*INDOGURATION UPDATE: Yesterday afternoon, following the President's latest round of cautious optimism, Ted Kennedy presented the Obama famiy with Bo, a six-month-old Portugese water dog .  The Post has video, a bombastic lede, and some Us Weekly-worthy niceties:
About 10 minutes later the First Family emerged again, racing up the hill, with the president doing a [...]

Starbucks Closing Eight More Stores In the Area

The Washington Business Journal is reporting that the ubiquitous coffee chain is shuttering more of its local coffee outlets. Starbucks is pulling out of Northwest! OK, parts of northwest–Cleveland Park and Georgetown are losing an outlet each:
"In D.C., Starbucks will close the 3301 M St. NW location, which has been boarded up for months. Also [...]

Suck It, NIMBYs

This just published on D.C.'s best Listserv is too good not to post:
I am a little horrified that the moaning and groaning from the neighbors is a deterent for doing business in Cleveland Park, I'd just assumed that rent was prohibitively high. Now I'm annoyed. People should keep in mind that there are a lot [...]

Local Woman No Longer in Steelers Country, Receives Ransom Call for Stolen Banners

Cleveland Park isn't a neighborhood smacking of huge displays of sports fandom. But Libby Kavoulakis, 45, is a lifelong, season-ticket-holding Steelers fan. And besides, she says, "we're world champions." So she put up two banners, one on her garage and another, larger one across the second story of her house on Reno Road at Warren [...]

Uscientific Poll Results: Build the Damn Giant Already

My duties have lagged in regard to keeping City Desk readers up to date on the played-out drama regarding the proposed Giant grocery complex on Wisconsin Avenue. And do you know why? Because this NIMBY crap has gone on with this project for 10 YEARS and no one gives a shit anymore.
Please, for the love [...]

Need a Kidney? Try Your Neighborhood Listserv. Or Facebook.

Nora Greer, a 55-year-old woman who lives in Barnaby Woods, posted a message to the Cleveland Park Listserv in the hope of finding a kidney donor. It reads:
SOS. Next year I'll need a transplant as I slip closer to acute renal failure. I haven't been able to find a compatible match from family or friends. [...]

Ex-DCer Seeks Artificial Ben’s Chili Bowl Experience

On Ask MetaFilter, a lament:
"Ben's chili is the food of the gods. Sadly, I no longer live anywhere near Ben's, and so I want to try to make it myself. Although I'll probably be adding beans, to make it more meal-like (since I most likely won't be pouring it on hot dogs and french fries). [...]