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What Should D.C.’s Animal Be?

The Cleveland Park email list is hosting a contest to pick D.C.'s "state" animal. While we have a state bird—the woodthrush—there's no animal representing our fair district. The contest—which is open to members of the list— has only one rule: "The animal you choose to represent DC has to live somewhere in the District, the Zoo [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Librarian Layoffs Rattle Cleveland Park

The Issue: After the D.C. Public Library announced citywide staff reductions in early June, Cleveland Park residents flocked to their community Listserv last week to gripe about the decision. Residents' anger seems to stem from the seemingly high number of employees dismissed from the Cleveland Park library, specifically. Out of the 40 library employees laid-off across D.C., five worked [...]

Hypnotist to Cure Snake Phobia Sought Over Listserv (It’s Working!)

Kimberly has been afraid of snakes for as long as she can remember. "I freeze up, have a panic attack. I can't breathe," she says. After discovering a few of them in the garage of her vacation home, she was left feeling so uncomfortable she didn't want to go back. She had the snakes removed, but Kimberly [...]