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Katie Connolly Takes Back “Apartheid,” Adds Asterisk

Saying "it seems I've aggravated a lot of people with my reference to apartheid," Katie Connolly has struck that word from her recent blog post at Newsweek on race, class, and D.C.'s low marriage rate.

Kwame Brown Didn’t Like Newsweek’s “Apartheid” Reference, Either

A day after City Desk wrote about Katie Connolly's reference to "apartheid" as D.C.'s "dirty secret" in a post in Newsweek about race, class, and the city's low marriage rate, At-large Councilmember Kwame Brown has weighed in.

D.C.’s “Dirty Secret”: Rule by Apartheid?

Katie Connolly over at Newsweek offered some thoughts the other day on the nature of race and class in D.C. after City Paper's Sexist, Amanda Hess, blogged about why the District has the lowest marriage rate in the nation. Among them: This city is ruled by apartheid.