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Photos: Bull Run Reenactment

Today in D.C. History: Army Colonel’s Killing in Alexandria Prompts ‘State of Shock’ in D.C.

On May 24, 1861, Elmer E. Ellsworth, a 24-year-old Army colonel and close friend of President Abraham Lincoln, became the first Union officer killed during the Civil War. According to the 2003 spring/summer edition of Washington History magazine, Ellsworth, of the New York Zouaves Regiment, was shot and killed when he removed a Confederate flag [...]

Today in D.C. History: A Foiled Lincoln Assassination Plot and ‘Tractor Man’ Snarls Traffic

On March 17, 1865, two Confederate sympathizers, John Wilkes Booth and John Surratt, were positioned near the intersection of what is today 7th Street NW and Georgia and Florida avenues, hoping to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln, who had been expected to visit Campbell General Hospital, one of the city's three dozen Civil War military hospitals. [...]

Abe Lincoln Smiled? Who Knew?

Abe Lincoln hasn't been this hot since his body went cold.
Lincoln turned 200 this month. The new president idolizes him. Heck, his memorial just hosted one of the biggest rock concerts in U.S. history.
A crowd of kids from Hearst Elementary were among those making the pilgrimage today to Lincoln’s summer cottage in Petworth, the newly [...]

Gatling Guns Are Hot? Who Knew?

For the barely current issue of City Paper, I wrote about the Georgetown Hoyas' new t-shirt shooter, called the T-Shirt Gatling Gun.
Who cares that the team is slumping? The few seconds it takes for the multi-chambered air rifle to fire a couple dozen shirts into the stratosphere are worth a trip to the Verizon Center.
Before [...]