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Report: D.C. Transgender Individuals Face Significant Discrimination in Employment

An OHR report finds that 48 percent of employers appeared to give preference to cisgender applicants.

Triumphant Outcast Psychic Eyes Bethesda Comeback

Nick Nefedro, the Gypsy psychic who challenged Montgomery County's fortune-telling ban and won, tells City Desk that he plans to come back to Bethesda and start looking for a place to re-open his psychic shop. 
Well, just as soon as the time for filing an appeal is up. The county has 90 days to dispute the June 10 Maryland [...]

What Were The District’s Biggest Civil Rights Victories?

Since pretty much everyone has the day off except journalists, the downtime has been enormous.  I got lunch (a first in a long time). I paid off a cellphone bill and changed my cellphone plan. I even faxed some healthcare paperwork to a lab that was a week late. And I talked for a good [...]

Justice Department Passes on Appealing Transgender Discrimination Case, Activists Rejoice

Gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender activists and civil liberties groups are rejoicing over the Department of Justice’s decision not to appeal a nearly $500,000 award to an ex-Special Forces colonel from Alexandria who lost a job at the Library of Congress a few years ago after reveling that he was undergoing a sex change.
David Schroer had [...]

Sunday Post Raises Questions about Police Officer Involved in 2008 Shooting Death of Langley Park Latino

Sunday's Washington Post has two stories about Cpl. Steven Jackson, the Prince George’s County police officer accused of beating and then fatally shooting Manuel de Jesus Espina. The incident last August caused uproar and exposed the mistrust between county police and Langley Park’s large Hispanic community.
A Metro section-front story reports how Espina’s son, Manuel de [...]

John Ensign: D.C. Vote “Has Nothing to Do…With Civil Rights”

The District's had plenty of congressional bogeymen over the years. Recent names like Sam Brownback and Richard Shelby come to mind, sure, and if you reach back a little farther, there's folks like Joel Broyhill, John McMillan, and Theodore Bilbo.
These days, Nevada Sen. John Ensign's playing the role pretty well.
Ensign's the guy who introduced the [...]

Legal Observers To Monitor Inaugural Activities

Just a few minutes ago, I talked with Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, attorney and co-founder of the Partnership for Civil Justice, about the inauguration, security, and, and the Secret Service. She says that trained legal observers will be out and about for Tuesday's big events just in case the police start forgetting about your civil liberties. We [...]

Inauguration Watch: Protect Your Civil Rights

While the Obama Inauguration promises to be filled with hope, optimism, and Pepsi, there is still a chance that you could be messed with by the gazillion cops filling up the protected security zone. You could get patted down for no reason, arrested on some dumb charge (failure to obey, loitering, whatever).
Anyone remember Pershing Park? [...]

Cheh’s Home-Protests Bill on Hold for Now

Turns out Ward 3 Councilmember Mary M. Cheh won't be moving emergency legislation tomorrow to put additional restrictions on residential protests after all.
LL reported Friday, and the Examiner reported today, about Cheh's proposed bill, which aimed to give police the ability to put the kibosh on allegedly hostile protests by a group called Stop Huntingdon [...]

What Civil Rights Victory?

Can we still call Barack Obama's election a "civil rights victory" if the majority of black voters in California and Florida threw gays and lesbians under the bus?