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Fenty’s Proposed Layoffs Should Avoid DCPS

This morning, LL was all over Fenty's announced District gov job cuts. Our aggressive political scribe reported: "Of the remaining 776 employees the mayor is proposing to lay off, 250 are in DCPS—mostly teachers aides and support staff, Tangherlini says." This may not seem like scary news, but it is.
I know what your thinking: teachers [...]

The Last Morning At City Lights Public Charter School

The teacher's lounge has turned into a showroom. Everything wears a Post-It with a price in blue ink. The conference table is selling for $150. The fridge is going for $50. The microwave is a steal at $5. Today is the last day for the City Lights Public Charter School.
Everything must go. Including that microwave.
"This [...]

City Lights Public Charter Closes Tomorrow

The City Lights Public Charter School closes tomorrow. And when the school for at-risk youth closes, I wonder: will that mean the end to getting a straight answer as to why it shut down. Last Wednesday, the Post's Bill Turque did a solid job trying to suss out a reason:
"The collapse of City Lights, housed [...]

Charter High School to Fold

An Eckington charter high school will close by February's end, parents were informed today.
City Lights Public Charter School, which was founded in 2005 to serve special-needs children of high school age, sent a letter today explaining that the decision to close comes after "notice from the DC government that the school's funding is being reduced [...]