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Know Your Browns!

The Needle: Sepp Blatter Hates America Edition

Qatar? I Hardly Know Her: A collection of D.C. bigwigs turned up at the Newseum this morning, preparing to celebrate word that FedEx Field would host up to seven matches in the 2022 World Cup, which would, of course, be played in the United States. Everyone from D.C. Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. to Greater Washington [...]

Adrian Fenty Is Bustin’ Loose

Eight years ago, during a campaign rally in Kalorama Park, I asked then-Mayor Anthony Williams how he intended to woo the District's all-important go-go demographic. At the time, Kevin "Kato" Hammond of Take Me Out to the Go-Go magazine had been lobbying local leaders about the plight of the District's indigenous music scene and planned to endorse candidates in the upcoming [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

As proof that the Post can be stuffy
They're turning DeBonis less scruffy
Goodbye Sally Quinn
And hello, Mike's chin!
His hair and her column…both fluffy
Why stop, here's another cheap shot:
So how 'bout those numbers Vince got?!
The data provided
Counts just folks "decided"
And what does that mean? Not a lot
This race needs a little more heat
But now it at least [...]

Morning Roundup: The Giant Pulsating Cube of Premium Entertainment Edition

Some marvelous corporation has dropped a gigantic cube into the heart of Adams Morgan. Sadly, it has not landed on and crushed anyone I dislike. But perhaps it indicates great entertainment to come for people who pay to watch TV. In America, there is always hope.
Hey! It's Thursday! Pick up our paper. It has [...]

Our Morning Roundup

Bloomingdale (for now) observes the slow neglect of a huge brick home on Seaton Place. "16 months have passed, and the tyvek wrap continues to blow off the building, exposing the wood underneath to the elements. enormous amounts of water from the rains of the last year must have managed to seep down into the [...]

Chuck Brown Will Play Wilson Building

Chuck Brown, having busted loose of his prior Jan. 20 engagement, will now be playing the 51st State Ball at the John A. Wilson Building.
Planners of the city hall ball had speculated about bringing Brown in when they announced their event in December, but the Godfather of Go-Go was already booked for the Inaugural D.C. [...]