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The Needle: Redesigning Blues Edition

Cherries Blooming: The news out of Japan gets bleaker and bleaker, between nuclear reactors (in worse shape than originally believed) and the death toll from Friday's 9.0 magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami (likely much higher than estimates so far). Word that the National Park Service is sending back cuttings from the original cherry blossoms Japan [...]

The Needle: Council Won’t Go Gaga Edition

No Meat Suit for D.C. Council: Behold, the awesome power of sunlight and transparency! Just days ago, D.C. Council members were whining to each other about how they couldn't get free tickets to their luxury suite at the Verizon Center. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for the city, some of them also whined to The [...]

P.G.’s Rating Going Up, Up, Up…

Prince George's County has been producing basketball players the way Kenya does long distance runners for a while now. That reputation only grew over the weekend.
Oklahoma native Blake Griffin will end P.G.'s streak of exporting the best player in college ball at two seasons—Kevin Durant ruled through 2006-2007, and Michael Beasley, Durant's former teammate on [...]