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The Needle: Topher

Bachelor Party: Will Bachelor Pad star Chris Bukowski name his upcoming "ladies sports bar" Buk & Doe, Bracket Room, In Theory, Over-Under, ChangeUp, Rolecab, or Topher? Which is worse? -5
College Park Explosives: Police found a third explosive device in a week in College Park today. -3

The Needle: Nats Miss On Metro

Strikeout: The Nationals continue to not pay for extended Metro service after games, and it's not clear why (other than the money, obviously). -3
Imagined Communities: More news on the as-yet-unnamed "sports bar for women" concept from Bachelorette contestant and Bachelor Pad villain Chris Bukowski. At a Bachelor Pad screening last night, Bukowski said he hopes his [...]

The Needle: Peak Greater Greater Washington Achieved

Series of Tubes: The smart growth ouroboros has finally eaten itself. Greater Greater Washington, caught between mandating inscrutable CAPTCHA phrases in its comment or succumbing to spam, has found a clever way out. Starting today, commenters on the site have to answer questions about the Metro system to prove that they're human. +3
Paper Chase: Living [...]

The Needle: Wizards Unpopular

Alakazam: A consistently crummy record has left the Wizards with the worst fan relations in American pro sports. Not just basketball, not just Washington teams, but all pro sports. -4