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Post’s Chinese Visa Fight Ends With a Whimper

So much for the Washington Post's three-year long attempt to actually get its China bureau chief into China. Ever since the Post hired Andrew Higgins in 2009, the paper has been trying to convince the Chinese government to grant him a visa, even enlisting the services of Henry Kissinger at one point.
The Chinese, you see, [...]

Prince of Petworth Reader Intercepts Chinese Saboteur (or Woman With Bag)

Prince of Petworth has a letter today from someone who saw Ai Wei Wei: Never Sorry (reviewed here!) at E Street Cinema over the weekend. While watching the movie about dissident Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei, the letter writer became concerned about a woman who left a bag in the theater.
Hey, people are understandably on [...]

The Needle: Gray Goes to China Edition

Beijing Calling: The District government has seen the future, and it is run by the Chinese. First a deputy mayor headed to Shanghai to open a D.C. office there; now Mayor Vince Gray announces he'll lead a mission to visit our future rulers in June. As an economic development prospect, it's not a bad idea; [...]

The Needle: Montel Williams Edition

Medical Montel: Between infomercials for blenders, financial counseling, and security companies, Montel Williams may soon be busy here in the District. The talk show host is part of a group that's applying for one of the medical marijuana licenses up for grabs; he's the public face of a dispensary in Sacramento, Calif., already. (Williams has [...]

The Needle: Panda Power Edition

Pandas Stay Put: People think of the District as a transient place, but the dirty little secret of most people who move here for work is that once they arrive, they find they kind of like it. And they stick around (just ask former Sen. Byron Dorgan, who recently signed up with a D.C. law [...]

The Needle: Board of Elections and Iranian Hackers Edition

Forget Fenty, Write In Ahmadinejad: Turns out the University of Michigan wasn't the only place hacking into D.C. elections computers recently. Iranian and Chinese hackers also managed to access a test site set up by the Board of Elections and Ethics to demonstrate online voting for overseas Washingtonians. This doesn't explain the long delays in [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: An Awful Ending to Monk and Mann’s Neverending Story?

In case you missed it: "Art Monk and Charles Mann Sell Former City Property for Millions, Bail On Anacostia Job Training Center."
Over the years, there aren't many things I've written about more than Monk and Mann's training center.
For a decade, the beloved former Redskins said the Carver Theatre building was going to be rebuilt by [...]

Fenty’s Travel: He’s No Better Than Tony Williams

Earlier today, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty engaged in a Q&A at Nathans restaurant; there, owner Carol Joynt asked him about his controversial recent travel to the United Arab Emirates.
He roundly defended the trip, calling the criticism he received the same-old, same-old: “I think you expect on every given day on every given issue that [...]

Minor League Basketball Quietly Disappears from the DC Market

The Maryland Nighthawks aren't playing this season.
Worse news for the team: Who noticed?
"The team's taking this year off," says Adam Dantus, the Nighthawks' 21-year-old general manager and spokesman.
The Nighthawks, affiliated most recently with something called the Premier Basketball League, played home games at Georgetown Prep's athletic center last year.
Dantus says the spiffy school's administration tried [...]

Chinese Zoo Accused of Abusing Tai Shan’s Grandma

A Chinese zookeeper has been suspended for denying food to Yong Ba, the elderly giant panda who birthed the National Zoo's Tian Tian (otherwise known as our beloved Butterstick's aloof father/sperm-donor). The keeper and a souvenir shop were involved in a scheme that forced 25-year-old Yong Ba to pose for photos with visitors. After she [...]