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One Emerging Angle: Was The Fire Department Properly Notified Of Metro Crash?

The Washington Times picked up what may become an emerging angle from the Metro Crash—the tensions between WMATA and the D.C. Fire Department. Fire Chief Dennis Rubin basically called out WMATA for initially downplaying the extent of the crash. The Times writes:
"Fire officials stated bluntly Monday night that Metro's original description of the accident understated [...]

Breaking: Nine Confirmed Dead In Red Line Metro Crash

WUSA is reporting that nine people have died from this evening's Metro crash:
"9NEWS NOW has confirmed there are nine dead from the collision, and officials say there are 67 people injured. The Fire Department Chief said that up to six of those people sustained life-threatening injuries, another 14 have less threatening injuries and more than 50 people have [...]

Weekend in Review: Parking Tickets!

Before you do anything, learn all about our hometown fire chief's outing at the Nats game. He freaked out when he saw there were fireworks going down. More!
Much has been made of the District's plan to step up enforcement of parking restrictions all around town. The push will affect nightclubbers who try to press their [...]

D.C. Fire Chief Rubin Shuts Down Fireworks @ Nats Games

Today, the Nats lost more than just a game (the team got blanked 7-0 vs. the Mets), the Nats also lost use of its pyrotechnics. D.C. Fire Chief Dennis Rubin put at least a temporary end to the stadium's fireworks displays. Rubin attended today's game, and after a fireworks display for the National Anthem ordered [...]

Will Bowyer and Pennington Get Punished Again?

This week I chronicled D.C. Fire Department arson investigator Greg Bowyer. Bowyer, along with his partner Gerald Pennington, went from working arson cases to checking fire hydrants. They allege their demotion wasn't for any performance reason. No. They got transferred because of their whistleblowing activities.
For more than two years, Bowyer and Pennington have waged a [...]

Fire Department Gets A New Spokesperson: The Mayor’s Office

First CFSA lost its spokesperson powers to the Mayor's Office. Now, it's the Fire Department's turn to refer all calls to Fenty spokesperson Mafara Hobson. At this point, I feel sorry for Hobson. Her job is busy enough with the on-going budget debates, the travel issues, etc. Now, she gets to field inquiries about the [...]